5 Crosses

A cross over between Divergent, The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, The Maze Runner and Twilight. John has been a runner since he was 16. Like everyone, he waits for his Aptitude Tests. They will guarentee the rest of his life. When he finds out just how diferent he is his entire life will change.


8. Chapter 8

The rest of the night was terrifying. We saw five of those monsters in total. The one that I killed and the other four that we were to busy running from to look at. Alice and I had no idea where we were going but anywhere was enough. Every wall looked the same. Same vines, same stony build and the same aspect of fear inside it. The beasts were catching up but it was a while before we realised that they weren't chasing us but going somewhere.

Should we follow them? 

Yes. Let's go.

It seemed like a crazy idea but their way into the maze could be our way out. Maybe. Just maybe. I didn't want to tell Alice and then let her down. 

​Johnny. Let's go. 

We let them go past us and then went on behind. They led us to a cliff but then jumped off like they did it every day. Which is possible because they did it without hesitation. That's the way out. The maze is unsolvable but the maze isn't what we need to look at, it's the cliff down here.

Alice, it's the way out! There is no way out through the maze but the way out is here.

Are you sure? 

Yes. If we go through there, we can leave. But we need to go back for now otherwise we won't make it alive.


We were up for the rest of the night. Waiting at the doors to the Glade, Alice got more impatient with each minute that passed. Therefore she kept suggesting different ways that we could get back into the Glade.

"We could climb the vines to the top and then climb back down the other side. Or wedge the doors open so we can go back through. Maybe shout so that they knew we're alive."

"It won't work, when the doors closed I couldn't here everyone else anymore. They're soundproof or something."

"What do we do then? Sit around and wait till the doors open for us to give them out theory about the Griever Hole? This is great, real great."

Griever Hole? 

"Griever Hole? You just said Griever. Are those the things that showed us the way out?" How did she know. It rolled off of her tongue like she said the word every day.

"I don't know. It's been coming back in snippets, useless memories that I can't piece together. Mostly me in a room with a blond woman in a white coat. Talking to me about how "out of control" I am with this "experiment". At least I think it's me. The girl in my memories looks like a ghost to me. Her hair is blue and she looks like she wanted to hurt that woman really badly." Experiment? White coat? Creators. She worked for them. So did I? Is that how I knew her so well? 

"The creators." She knew how let down I was. Not let down, angry. That she could've done this to a group of kids. Kids! I couldn't talk to her anymore. She tried to get me to come back but I kept walking. I just went round the corner but I felt more distant than ever. Even though I didn't want to think about it but we were only young. James was ten at the very least. He should be doing things other kids do. Going to school, playing with friends, living in a real bedroom with a real bed! Living a life. With memories of everyone and everything. His mum, dad, his friends.

As I sunk to the maze floor I thought of Alice when she first arrived. Beaten bloody, a fresh gunshot wound in her leg. Why would they send her here like that? Blood soaked and half dead, with supernatural looks that didn't seem real. Because they weren't real. 

I stood up from the stony maze floor, about to tell her about what I'd discovered but she beat me to it. 

"The doors!" The doors. They were opening. Alice and I had survived a night out in the maze, alone. "Come on, let's g-" She had to shout over the noise of the doors but was cut off by the ground vibrating furiously. We fell to the ground, gripping the vines for steadiness. I could hear the Gladers saying that we wouldn't of made it. 

"Alice come on, it's over. We should go." She nodded quickly but when she tried to stand she cried out in pain and fell down again.

"John my leg! I can't walk." Alice's right leg was just laying there, but where the gunshot wound was a rock was now embedded inside it. "Help me quickly!" I did the first thing that came to mind- I picked her up and carried her. Alice didn't weigh much so it was easy to carry her. 

"It's John! Look it's John!" I heard David's voice shouting across the crowd of Gladers at the doors. "James go get the Medjacks, he's carrying someone. Everyone get out of the way!" I went as fast as I could, Alice just hanging onto her life in my arms.

Johnny you know I'm sorry, I really really am. Please hurry my leg hurts like hell and my neck is burning. Johnny am I gonna die? Don't let me die, John, please don't let me die. I can't die here, not in the maze, not in the Glade.

"I won't. Your not going to die, Alice."

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