5 Crosses

A cross over between Divergent, The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, The Maze Runner and Twilight. John has been a runner since he was 16. Like everyone, he waits for his Aptitude Tests. They will guarentee the rest of his life. When he finds out just how diferent he is his entire life will change.


6. Chapter 6

Divergent. It ran through my head over and over again. Divergent. What was so special about us that we had to be destroyed. At least I wasn't alone. Alice was like me and there would be others, there had to be more Divergents. I looked for her as soon as I could to tell her what had happened. I called out to her in my mind but it was like our gift had been cut off somehow. When I tried nothing would come. She didn't answer, or hear me. I could tell.

Johnny! Johnny I'm frightened. Help me! The maze...   The walls are trapping me. Johnny I'm frightened. Save me, please! We need you. I need you. Please rescue me, please rescue us! 

Alice! Alice answer me! What's happening? How did you get in the maze, you came back on the plane?

Johnny I need you!

She called for me over and over again, but whenever I spoke back she didn't answer me directly. All she said was that she needed me to save them and that the maze was trapping her. Still no reply. A scream rang out in my head and I fought it out as best as I could. Not real, not real, not real. Just like the sim. She wasn't in the maze, it was impossible. We came back on the same plane, she was safe. Whatever safe was anymore.

Please please please please please. Johnny please. I can't take it anymore. Don't go John, please. Don't leave me here. I can't take it anymore. Crushing me under the pile. Underneath. I'm not... 

Her voice trailed off and I fought so hard not to run into the maze and look for her. Not real, it couldn't be. 

I`m not like you. Your the only one. Only one, only Divergent. Kill you, kill me. Kill you, kill me. Kill me, kill me, kill me. Please.

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