5 Crosses

A cross over between Divergent, The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, The Maze Runner and Twilight. John has been a runner since he was 16. Like everyone, he waits for his Aptitude Tests. They will guarentee the rest of his life. When he finds out just how diferent he is his entire life will change.


4. Chapter 4

It was two days before the mystery girl woke up. Two people had cleaned the blood off of her body but left her in the top and shorts she came in.  I went to see her as soon as possible because I knew that we were linked somehow. Her arms were covered in tattoos and across part of her chest. Silky brown hair framed her pale face but she looked so peaceful that I couldn't disturb her.

"I'm not asleep. You can stay." Her voice was posh, in its own way. I'd heard lots of different accents here but none like hers. It was elegant and soft but had an aspect of fear hidden there. "Why can't I remember anything?" I could hear her calm voice start to break and her eyes glazed with tears. "I can only remember my name."  

Alice. A voice spoke in my head. My name's Alice. The voice spoke in the same way she did and then I realized. She could talk to me telepathically. 

How can you do that? Can you hear me? I tried. But no answer.

​You'll get it eventually. I heard you a bit, so try again. Johnny?

Yeah. Alice what's wrong?

"Why do I feel like you and I are different from the others. Special." I was glad when she spoke to me verbally, talking in our minds gave me a headache. "Do you feel like that sometimes?" The truth was that I didn't until now, but I hadn't been here a week so I wasn't sure.

"Yeah. Yeah I think we're special. Different. And ya know what, I think that we knew each other before all this, had some kind of relationship. But for now it pretty much sucks to be us, trapped in a shuck maze with no way out after five years!" I don't know where that sudden rush of anger came from but I got a feeling that it'd built up before all of this, waiting to explode out of me. 

John, calm yourself. For now we just have to figure this out and keep our gift a secret from the others. It can stay with us. This place feels familiar to me, do you feel that way? It's almost like I've been here before, like I know these people. Like I've done something to make this happen. 

​You're right you know. I should listen to you more. It feels familiar but I don't think I did anything to create this, just that I'm like everyone else~ A pawn in the creators game. We should figure it out on our own and escape the maze together.

I didn't see Alice after that but we had small conversations in our minds a couple of times. Not about much but it must get boring in the homestead on your own. I completed the rest of my tour which had somehow stretched out over three days. I was told about Aptitude Tests which told you where you would go in the Glade and what you would do. Whether you would go into Amity, for the kind. Erudite, for the smart. Candor, for the honest. Abnegation, for the selfless. And Dauntless, for the brave. 

Dauntless intrigued me every second. They were reckless, and crazy. A small group went out into the maze every day but came back again at night. They wore black, and looked as crazy as they seemed to be. I felt like I belonged with them, but I would find out in a week. Alice would go the same day as me, even though she came a day after. She wasn't allowed to leave the homestead for another three days but I saw her whenever I could. We talked in each other's minds regularly, at least once a day.

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