5 Crosses

A cross over between Divergent, The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, The Maze Runner and Twilight. John has been a runner since he was 16. Like everyone, he waits for his Aptitude Tests. They will guarentee the rest of his life. When he finds out just how diferent he is his entire life will change.


2. Chapter 2

"Greenie. Greenie!" I woke up with a start after sleeping for God knows how long when a strong Irish accent was yelling in my face. "Come on ya need to finish your tour. Name's Patrick by the way." I did what Patrick told me to do and went with him to a large patch of grass in the centre of the Glade. "Supplies come in today. Big plane drops the crates." A vast white plane cast a huge shadow over the Glade, covering most of the area. Crates were lowered down from it on black cords and put them in what Patrick called the 'Supply Zone'. He said that they come every week with all the things that they couldn't get from the Glade's resources.

Everyone took a crate each and opened it up to reveal it's contents. We threw them into a pile and opened all of the remaining crates. Suddenly a loud shout came from somewhere on the Supply Zone. Everyone recognized the voice and rushed over to a blond boy who looked only eleven or twelve. 

"Jammy what's wrong?" David asked the younger boy and he merely pointed at his crate. Laying lifeless was a bloody foot, attached to part of a leg. "Someone get Caleb now!" He shouted, "And tell him to bring the shuck note." 

Caleb arrived in less than a minute, sprinting towards us all. He dropped a piece of paper into David's lap and I read the words 



"Are the Greenbeans coming in the crates now or are we never getting another one?" Max the cook asked. Good question, I thought. If no one else came here then what are we going to do. "Shouldn't we pull him out?" Max and David took hold of each of his ankles and pulled the new boy out. Their legs were cut and covered in blood, so were their navy blue shorts and white top. When they finished all the onlookers were surprised

It was a girl.

Her eyes were closed and she looked dead but something told me she was alive. She had what looked like a gun wound on the right side of her shin and blood was still pouring from it. Her long brown hair was stained red but then her eyes shot open. 

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