5 Crosses

A cross over between Divergent, The Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, The Maze Runner and Twilight. John has been a runner since he was 16. Like everyone, he waits for his Aptitude Tests. They will guarentee the rest of his life. When he finds out just how diferent he is his entire life will change.


1. Chapter 1

My eyes fluttered open and I was scared to hell. I felt like my brain was wiped, I remembered nothing. As I looked around me I saw an empty, lifeless cave, the walls were all smooth and curved at the edges. I lay on the floor, my hands tied behind my back. Hanging from on jutted out piece of rock, was a necklace. It seemed to be a watch though. I pushed myself off of the floor and walked towards it but as hard as I tried I couldn't pull it off with my teeth. On the other side of the room were three small boulders, all perfectly shaped. Something was so odd about them that I couldn't resist walking over and sitting on the floor to move them with my feet. They rolled away pretty easily, leaving behind a small dagger. I lent over and picked it up in my mouth by the handle. I stood up again, turned around and let go of the dagger just above the ropes. It fell and cut through the ropes, freeing my hands, but slicing my arm in the process. I went and took the necklace and waited and a door slid open. I cautiously stepped in. The door closed in a flash and the metal box I stepped inside shot upwards. A pain started ringing in my head and I screamed out loud. It was awful. 

Suddenly a light shone from above. Daylight! Two boys jumped down and pulled me out. I felt on the verge of death but I hung in there for a while but then shut my eyes...

I woke with a start and thought of what happened. I remembered all of it, at least what I could. 

"How's he doing?" A boy's voice said. Another boy bent over me, his hair was oily black but stood out on his pale skin. His green eyes stared hard into mine.

"What happened? Why can't I remember anything? Where am I?" My questions came out all at once but the two boys looked used to this sort of thing. The other boy stood in a corner, sat on a three-legged stool. His dark skin looked strangely pale, like the black haired boy's. 

"This is the Glade. Its where we eat, sleep and all those other things we need to survive. I'm David, and this is Caleb." David gestured to the boy sat in the corner of the wooden room. "Do you remember your name or age or anything like that?" I simply shook my head and then it struck me. I didn't even know how old I was. It seemed strange, knowing nothing about me or my life. "Your name'll come back to you in a couple of days but until then you need to live with it. Caleb, take Greenie around please. And be gentle after what happened with Joel."  

That made me a bit more scared than I thought I should be. Once we left the building I realized just how tall it was.

"That's the homestead, one of the many buildings in the Glade. No one sleeps in there anymore so most of us find somewhere else to sleep." Caleb seemed like an alright person, apart from the constant frown on his face he was not that scary. The Glade was like one giant box. Surrounded by four stone walls, coated in vines and ivy, we appeared to be trapped. "Over there are the kitchens. I'd take you inside but Max won't be to happy with me, they're going to be cooking up dinner." Suddenly a boy came out from the kitchens and shouted for Caleb. "Can't you handle that oven for five minutes without needing my help?" Caleb yelled to him.

If I got past my fear I think I'll last at least a week in the Glade. The sun started to go down. I had lasted a day.



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