The Doll House Factory

"A doll is just an imitation of a living thing, and that living thing is an imitation of a being. -Wait, what were we imitating again?"

Human beings are never satisfied, when something's gained something else is wanted. We are forever wanting, wishing, needing, screaming and for what? Everything in this world is just temporary anyway.
~ Chiella the doll


1. They called her Christmas

She was new. 

Everyone could tell she wasn't from around here. She didn't look normal either so she stuck out like a fresh flower in a graveyard of wilted stems.

Long green hair, sharp red eyes and the palest of complexions. They called her Christmas.

Christmas wasn't like any of us, she was given special treatment from the higher ups. 

While we slept in tents she got to sleep in a stone house, while we had to forage through the desert land for food she was fed by chefs. While we were forbidden to leave the factory she could do as she pleased.

No one knew why or what she was doing here but we were all certain of one thing, and that was that we hated her.


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