Up and Away, or Here to Stay

A dreamer's mind


1. Up and Away, or Here to Stay?

Up and Away, or Here to Stay?

There are all kinds of people

In the world,

But none more mysterious

Than the dreamers


There is always something

Going on in their heads,

And sometimes even they

Don’t know what it is


Their thoughts seem to flow

From their heads,

Through their veins,

Then change their perspective on the world


They always think

About what life could be,

Or would be,

But never what it isn’t


The dreamers are the ones

That can be found placing

Their wishes on a star

As it shoots across the night sky


You may think

They keep their thoughts in the clouds

When really they put them

Alongside your heart


The things they say

Might not always sound logical,

But if you listen correctly,

You will understand completely


Just remember this one thing:

The dreamers will always follow their hearts

No matter which way

You turn their heads

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