Snow birds

“The Island gateway,”


2. to be added to chapter 1


   I was eighteen at the time and was returning home from my college in Boston during the winter break. The plane from San Francisco to the islands was only half full allowing me to spread my things over two seats after which I promptly fell asleep. Five hours later I awoke to find the plane landing at Honolulu. From there only carrying hand luggage I joined the queue of people waiting for an island hopper to take me home to ‘Big island’.

   It was while waiting there that I got into conversation   with this great looking girl whose name was Ann. She had been on Oahu several days visiting Honolulu, Waikiki beach, and Pearl Harbour, where the Japanese had made their surprise attack on the USA during the second world war. Now she was moving on to my island home of Hawai’i.

   Apparently, Ann’s aunt had rented a house down the road from my home. So, at the airport we shared a ride stopping first at her aunts rented place to help offload her things. I then took the taxi back home after arranging to meet up later.


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