Snow birds

“The Island gateway,”


1. Old friends

CHAPTER 1 Old friends



   “What’s it this time mother?”  I shouted down the phone.

   “It’s the noise. Its driving me crazy.”

   “Well take you hearing aids out then.”

   “But I can’t hear without them.”

   “Fuck.” I swore silently and stated, “That’s the whole point. You won’t hear the noise. “

   I knew it had been a big mistake letting my mother stay in the bungalow while the main house was being converted into a hotel but she had instead on returning home.  

   Only that morning I had been pleased to see that we had received several forward bookings for our newest hotel, “The Island gateway,” which was due to open early in the New Year. We had planned to catch the lucrative holiday market for people wishing to escape the freezing cold weather back home in New York State to the much warmer one of the islands.

   There had appeared to be a mistake; one booking was for a wedding over the Christmas holiday week. This presented a problem, the hotel would not be ready to receive guests, let alone have a wedding by Christmas.

   Yet I had thought it would be an excellent opportunity, too good to miss. It would certainly put the hotel on the map so to speak.

   I noted that the person who was making the wedding wanted the full package. This covered everything, from the ceremony in the garden, to catering the party afterwards and accommodation.     

When I eventually came to the names of the bride and groom, I was somewhat surprised if not rather shocked as the name Ann Trent appeared on the computer screen. I could not believe my eyes, was it truly her?

I sat there for a few minutes in shock; it was as if a ghost from my past had suddenly appeared. Now when I closed my eyes, I could picture her standing there laughing. The silliest of things would set her off and I would join her. I smiled when I remembered the first time we had met.


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