Mission: Nectar

Take a trip with a bee on his first day of work.


1. Mission: Nectar

Mission: Nectar

First day on the job. He’s been waiting his whole life for this moment. The three weeks

of training he needed to leave the hive are finally over. He checks his reflection to make sure his

wings are straight, his stinger comes to a sharp point, and his yellow stripes are as bright as the

mid-day sun. He flies out of his house and buzzes on down to the hive’s main platform where he

undergoes the mandatory inspection that will be performed weekly. He receives the “all clear”

and is warned about the above-average wind speeds that are expected today. He stations himself

at the starting line where he eagerly awaits the “go” signal. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; he shoots out of the

hive’s main exit; he is not alone, there is also an army of workers with him to scavenge for the

sweet, sweet nectar of spring’s finest flowers.

He gazes out at the wide world beneath him; it’s the most wondrous sight. A rainbow of

color stretches out beneath him as far as his eyes can see. He identifies sunflowers and roses and

daisies and carnations and violets and so many other types of flowers that he can only ever

dream of reaching. As he scans the ground for the perfect flower, out of the corner of his eye, he

catches a glimpse of a humongous, golden tulip and decides that it is the perfect flower to be the

Just as he hovers above the tulip and is about to land, the wind picks up and sends him

barreling into a nearby tree. He is quite shaken up by his hit but manages to peel himself off the

bark and go in for another try at the flower. But, the wind is so strong he only manages to make

it halfway back to the tulip before he is met again by the tree. Now he is more determined than

ever. He firmly plants his feet onto the tree and pushes off. He fights the wind with all his

strength; his wings are flapping harder than ever before. But sadly, flight school had not prepared

him well enough for these conditions, and he is pummeled to the ground. He gets up and shakes

off the fall but gives up almost all hope of ever getting to that tulip.

Suddenly, he realizes that the wind is not nearly as strong close to the ground as it is up in

the air. He can fly up to the flower and not be thrown into the tree as long as he flies near the

ground. So, he stands up, gets his wings moving, and hovers for a second to make sure he can

stay in control. He then sets his sights on those unforgettable golden petals and races to them,

dodging grass and other flowers along the way. Within the next few moments, he reaches the

base of the tulip and quickly ascends straight up to the petals. Once he’s in the safety of the

flower, he grips onto it and sucks in all the nectar his little body will allow.

As soon as his mission is complete, he hurries back to the hive to deposit the nectar; he is

covered in pollen and beaming from a job well done.

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