Personality Quizzes

These are just a collection of personality quizzes (mostly inspired by Buzzfeed) that vary from food to love to even fandoms! Just scroll through the chapter names to take one and then comment your results below for the world to see!


23. Which Disney Villain Are You?

Which Disney Villain Are You?

What's Your Favorite Color?

A. Red like the blood of my enemies

B. Purple like the color my enemies turn when I choke them to death

C. Black like my soul

D. Green like the vomiting that happens when mere mortals see me


What's Your Favorite Food?

A. Pop Tarts

B. Sushi

C. Roast Hyena

D. Human Tears


What's Your Favorite Animal?

A. Cats, Cats, and more CATS

B. Pufferfish cause why not

C. Girraaaaaaaafe :)

D. Rocks


What's Your Favorite TV Show?

A. House of Cards

B. Gilmore Girls

C. Game of Thrones

D. Supernatural


What's Your Favorite Non-Disney Movie?

A. The Wizard of Oz

B. Anastasia

C. The Godfather

D. The Bee Movie




According to your answers, you will go to the following chapters:

Mostly A's: Quiz 6 Option 1

Mostly B's: Quiz 6 Option 2

Mostly C's: Quiz 6 Option 3

Mostly D's: Quiz 6 Option 4




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