Personality Quizzes

These are just a collection of personality quizzes (mostly inspired by Buzzfeed) that vary from food to love to even fandoms! Just scroll through the chapter names to take one and then comment your results below for the world to see!


3. Quiz 1 Option 2


Though sometimes vanilla gets the short end of the stick, you have stuck with it to end and that's something to be proud of. You know the true goodness inside. Bravo Vanilla Lover.


          This is just a sample result that you could get on a quiz, but in reality, most of them are going to be a LOT more detailed... But I think you get the gist of it! After you take the quiz, you can now rewrite it in the comments below and tag your friends to show them what you got and find out what they'd get! Or, you could post the results on your page as a mumble so your friends automatically see it. You know what? You could even post it on my page so I can see what you got! Every share that I see will just encourage me to continue this collection! One last thing, if you have any suggestions for a quiz, send it to me in the comments below. Who knows? Maybe if I really like the questions you continue to send, I'll ask you to be a co-author! But for now, enjoy quizzing!

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