Personality Quizzes

These are just a collection of personality quizzes (mostly inspired by Buzzfeed) that vary from food to love to even fandoms! Just scroll through the chapter names to take one and then comment your results below for the world to see!


14. Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

Do you prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities?

A. C'mon, the more the merrier!

B. I prefer one to one-hundred thank you very much...


Do you enjoy solitude?

A. Solitude is way too quiet.

B. Solitude is my best-friend!


Are you a good listener?

A. Sorry, I wasn't listening... what did you say?

B. I almost listen too well.


Are you a big risk-taker?

A. You should join me on my 3-week-trip in the wilderness next week!

B. Does leaving the house more than once a day count?


Do you like large parties, or a get together with a small group of friends?

A. Party to the max man!

B. two friends and Netflix sound just fine, thanks.


Do you often become apart of conflict?

A.'s become kind of a habit. It just happens!

B. Conflict! Who said conflict?! Keep that thing faaaaaaar away from me!


Do you work better independently or with a group?

A. Two heads are better than one I always say.

B. Groups mean people, people means conversation, conversation means disaster.



Depending on your quiz answers, you will go to the following chapters.

If you got mostly A's, go to Quiz 4 Option 1

If you got mostly B's, go to Quiz 4 Option 2

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