Some of you probably think I'm writing this for that one 'Dear Diary' competition, and that's partly true. I've been wanting to write this sort of thing for a long time, but I never got to it. There was never a right time, and I began to forget about it. It was this competition that gave me the push I needed to finally begin this diary. I created a new account apart from my original because this is all true. Enjoy!


2. 6/11/15

There’s so many more problems in my life than what I’ve mentioned in my last entry. Many of which are related to my relationship with my mom. I feel so broken everytime we fight. When I try for her, I end up getting hurt more than when I don’t try.I know I’m probably one of the most laziest kids in the world, and I’ve told my mom I hate her more times than I can remember. But I wouldn’t say it if she didn’t fist make me feel that she felt the same way about me.

I miss how we used to sit together at night and she would sing to me and I to her while she would rub my feet. But those years are long gone. These days, our nightly interactions go no further than us yelling at each other and her walking out of the room, leaving me crying on kitchen floor. And still, I expect much of my pain is self inflicted.

On to a more happier note, tomorrow my mom’s cousin is getting married. His wife died a couple years ago. Many of my family members are coming to the wedding, and since my birthday is going to be on the twenty eighth, my mom thought it would be a good idea to have my party the day after the wedding so all my relatives could be there. I’m still looking for a way out of it.

On sunday I’m supposed to go to camp, and I just don’t know if I’m ready for that. I feel all depressed and stuff. Like, I keep listening to Hollywood Undead’s Believe. I don’t feel...joyful enough to be surrounded by a ton of people right now. It’s just another thing I’m looking to get out of. I think I’ll fake sick that morning.

This was a lot shorter than my last entry, but I guess I don’t have so much to talk about this time. Or maybe it’s me not feeling to upbeat. So until next time, go listen to so HU.

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