Where it all began...


1. The Sun and The Moon

Once when there only was a few of every animal in the world. When there only were a couple of humans that roomed the earth. Only a few birds that tamed the wind, fish that gave the oceans life and a few animals that habited the forest.

One human girl fell in love with the Sun. She adored his flaming feathers and his wild ways. Every day she would ask for his love, and at night she would wish for his return.

But the Sun did not know what love was, and so he ignored the girl’s begging, and turned his back on her. The girl did not let his rejection stop her; she continued to ask for his love. As time went by she grew up with a passion as wild and free as the Sun’s own, and still the Sun would ignore her request.

One day when she had been out in the forest to once again ask for the Sun’s love, two boys had followed her. ‘What would the Sun ever see in you’ they taunted her ‘why should a creature as strong as him choose you?’ they wanted her to feel inferior before they attacked her.

But even though the Sun did not know love, he had kept an eye out for the girl he had started to think of as his. The Sun saw the boys follow her into the woods, and he heard every word they told the girl. He did not want her to be hurting, and so he came to her aide.

His fire did not burn the earth on which he landed, is flames did not catch the branches above him, but his heat felt like embers on the boys skin. They did not wish to enrage the Sun further so they chose to run in the face of the Sun’s wrath.

Why did you help me?’ the girl asked the Sun. The Sun knew not how to answer her question, when he did not know the answer himself. ‘Love’ he gave to the realization ‘makes you do everything possible to please’ he finally said. He had not known how he felt for the girl until someone nearly took her away from him.

But despite their love, they could not consummate their mating when he was a creature of the sky and she the earth. That night they prayed for a chance to show each other the full extent of their love. Their prayers had been heard. And when dawn came they found that they had been answered too.

The Sun had been given a human body, but his wings had remained. They showered each other with love in the shadows of eclipse. But when the darkness of night ended he was once again a bird of fire. The Sun was forced to return to the sky, but he longed for his mate while he flew his eternal circle over the sky.

 The girl, who had gotten pregnant with the Sun’s child, used the day to observe her mate, and the night to nurse the unborn life she carried. When the time came for the child to be born, the Sun watched from his place high above and wished he could ease his mate.

Their lovechild had his father’s flaming eye, and glowing wings, but he also had golden skin and raven hair from his mother. At day the girl would teach her child everything a human needed to know, and at night the Sun would teach him his own magic and the art of flying.

But as the years went by, the boy could see that both his father and mother got more and more sad, and they were never truly happy. Except the rare occasions when the Sun was granted a humanlike body. So the child started praying that his parents could be together at all times.

The same power that had granted the Sun his humanoid body before, heard the child’s pray, and decided to grant him the wish when he was old enough to fend for himself. At nightfall, the day of his 18 birthday, his wish was granted. His mother was turned to a female sunbird, but her feathers were not of fire, but a silver light. She became the Moon

Both the Sun and the girl were horrified; she no longer belonged down on earth, but high up on the sky with the Sun, their son would be left alone. But he assured them that he just wished for them to be happy. So when day came both the Sun and his mate returned to the sky, and started their own eternal spiral.

When the Moon is gone, she is mating with her mate, and when the sun is dark, they are both down on earth in their human forms to be with their son.

Only one time did she return to earth to stay, when their passion had resolved in twins; a boy with scales like ashes and eyes like burning coal, and a girl with hair of shadows and skin like smoke. The boy grew up as a dragon, able to change form to everything imaginable. The girl was as mysterious as the night, she never showed herself in the day, and nothing could hold her captive though many tried.

After she had raised them the Moon returned to the sky and her mate, but they visited them every time the Sun got blocked doing eclipse. The children of the Sun and the Moon each fostered one of the three branches that all supernatural comes from.

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