/The woman's chest was wide open, ribs sticking up in impossible angels and her guts were spread all around her on the floor. Blood was smeared all over her white, bride-like dress. Her face was pale and looked peaceful, as if she had merely died from sleeping in./


1. Bloody Bride

Her feet led her deeper and deeper into the dark and ominous woods.

Branches cracked loudly under her feet, the only sound except for the usual night sounds. The wind in the trees. Birds, insects and other animals in the night singing their awakening song. Scratches slowly started running down her arms as she went through bushes and past thorns.

Soon she bursted out of the forest and stopped on a dreary and desolate plain. Tall grass waved in the wind, brushing against her pale, bare legs. A big house towered up above her, not far away from her current position. She surveyed the big, broken down, rotted house. She squinted her eyes, and just stood staring at the house for a long time. Not sure if she should go closer or turn around and walk away. She felt rather terrified, standing there in the tall grass.

Cautiously she started walking closer, uncertain of what awaited her inside of the house. She straightened up as she stood at the door, fingers around the old and rusty handle. The door open with a loud creak, and a wave of nausea hit her when she entered the house. A smell of rot, death and something strange that she couldn't quite put her finger on, flew around in the room she was standing in. It was a long hallway. An eerie feeling snuck up on her as she travelled further into the house.

What she was standing in appeared to be a living room filled with sofas, chairs, paintings and tables. The house was certainly abandoned, everything was worn down and filled with dust. She turned out of the living room, passing several paintings of faceless women.

She picked up a little knife on a counter, looking closely at it. It's handle was covered with small gems, very beautiful. She turned it around in her hands while walking through the hall. She stopped at a staircase.

The knife clattered to the floor as she gasped in shock. She felt as if a cold hand was slowly making it's way Down her spine from the back of her neck. The hair on her arms rose at the realization that someone was in the house with her. Right now.

Clear footprints could be seen on the steps of the stairs, they looked fresh, as if they had been printed into the dust merely a few minutes ago. Her curiosity led her op the stairwell, even though she feared that something horrible might happen. There were no lights in the house, and neither any windows on the second level of the house, so she used her hands to quide her way through the darkness.

Her palms were sweaty, and tears ran down her cheeks, but she continued walking. She was so scared, but something was drawing her towards the end of the hallway.

Finally she stopped in front of a door, a crack of light came from the only half closed opening. She ran her fingers down the old wooden door, and her eyes widened in terror at the sticky feeling. She pulled her hand away and stared down, revealing that the sticky stuff was indeed what she thought it was.


She choked back a scream and cautiously pushed open the door with her booted foot.

A window let a small amount of moonlight stream into the room, lighting up a horrible sight. A man sat in a squatted position next to a woman on the floor. She could hear the man faintly sobbing as he caressed the woman's cheek in a soft motion. It would have been tragic, romantic, almost beautiful... If it hadn't been for all the blood and gore.

The woman's chest was wide open, ribs sticking out in impossible angels and her guts were spread all around her on the floor. Blood was smeared all over her white, bride-like dress. Her face was pale and looked peaceful, as if she had merely died sleeping. She studied the man, looking at how his shoulders were shaking slightly, and at how his hand gently stroked the woman's cheek.

"Why?" The man whispered in a hoarse voice.

"Why you? Me? Us?.. Why do we deserve this?"

She took at step backwards, making the threshold creak a tiny bit. Her teeth sank into her lower lip. Anxiety filled her as the man slowly stood up.

"We have company..."

It was only a faint mumble, but she heard it.

His head turned towards her in such a painfully slow speed that she wanted to scream. And she did scream, as her eyes fell upon his face. Red eyes stared back at her from a torn face, expressionless as most skin and flesh was gone, leaving only bloody pieces of meat clamming to the yellow-white skull. A big grin spread over his face, exposing teeth filled with blood. He reached out a bony hand and pointed at her.

"Did you forget to knock?" He asked in his raspy voice.

She stepped yet another step back, staring at him in terror. As he followed her movement and came nearer to her, she spun around on her heels and flew down the hallway, running down the stairs and pushing out through the front door.

She ran and ran and ran, till she could not run anymore, before collapsing into branches and leaves on the cold forest floor.

A whisper filled her ears as she closed her eyes.

"Found you..."


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