It's been 10 years since the Teen Titans been together. When Robin plans a reunion all the Titans get excited to see each other. But one Titan has a secret that might shock another..


2. New Home


"Titan's I've been honored to be teamed with you all. I know we've all worked together forever but now it's time for us to go our separate ways," Robin almost teared up as he made his speech. It was the last day at the T tower for them all and everyone was gonna miss it.
Raven went into her room and began packing her things.

"I'm gonna miss everyone," She thought as she was putting her books in a suitcase. "I'm gonna miss the tower, Star, and even Cyborg and Robin. But most of all, I'll miss Beast Boy."

Raven and Beast Boy began a relationship almost a year before. She finally opened up to him and expressed herself. Surprisingly to her, he felt the same way. Only dating a year they had to go their own ways. Raven had to take her duties in the demon world haring the throne, Star had to go back to Tamaran and rule them, Robin was gonna be apart of the Justice League as Nightwing, Cyborg was gonna join the Justice League as well and stay with his love Jinx, and Beast Boy. Well Beast Boy was gonna fight crime where ever it was.

"So you're not coming with me?" Beast Boy had asked Raven that question over a billion times.

"I can't BB," She said still packing her stuff. "You're welcomed to come with me though. I'd love to have you there with me. You know, as support."

"I'm always supporting you mama," Beast Boy replied coming into the room this time. He sat on her bed. 

"Then why don't you come to the kingdom with me?" Raven asked now looking at him.

"Because. You're dad scares me, the people there are weird, and well...." Beast boy trailed off.

"If you don't wanna come then just say that," Raven shot a little attitude in her tone. Beast Boy just looked down.

"You have to promise me something Rae," He finally said. 


"Promise me you will wait for me."

"Why wait when you're not even coming with me. You have a choice," Raven said.

"I know but I have things I have to do, things I have to get off my chest. Just promise me Raven."

"I promise."

"I need more than that," Beast boy turned into a tiger and dug a claw there his paw. Turning back, his palm was bleeding.

"Beast Boy!" Raven yelled in shock.

"Relax mama, we're making a pact."

Raven took a deep breath and used her dark magic to summon a piece of glass through her hand. They held each others hand as the pact was made.

"We over did it," Beast boy chuckled thinking of all the blood he just lost.

"Yea, I know. We were suppose to use our fingers."

They both laughed and looked at each other.

"I love you mama," Beast boy had seriousness in his eyes, "Don't forget that."

"I love you too BB," Raven replied and they leaned in for a kiss. Things eventually got heated from there.



Beast Boy POV~

I thought about what had happened 10 years ago. The last time I saw Raven. 

"Oh my god," I say to myself. "I did get Raven pregnant." I was still flying and was beginning to get tired. I landed near the ocean and sat on a rock. I looked at the crystal blue water that sparkled like stars.

"If you're mad at me then I'll go," Raven said and I turned to face her.

"How did you know I was here?" I asked.

"You come here when you're upset or have something on your mind," Raven replied looking at the water. I looked back at the water.

"I'm not mad at you," I said. Raven looked at me, "I just needed to think."

"You know they watch you sometimes," Raven says with a slight smile. She levitated and sat next to me. 

"Really?" I smiled.

"Yea, mainly Dove. She'd even send you doves when you came here."

"That makes a lot of sense."

"I'd watch you too," Raven says, "Making sure you were okay, when you fought I always made sure they wouldn't kill you. I didn't want you to be gone."

I remained quiet. I looked at the water before speaking,

"So there's only two kids?"

"Yea. Dove and Garfield Logan jr."

A smile spread across my face. I was happy Raven named our child after me. Not only my hero name but my real name too.

"Thanks Rae," I said getting up. She got up as well.

"For what?" She asked.

"For them. For keeping me going through out my entire life. You're the reason I breath everyday," Raven looked away but I kept going, "I wouldn't die until I knew I saw you again. I really dreaded not coming with you Rav, I really did. I should've came with you to be there for the kids. Our kids. Now, I'm not making that mistake again."

I took Raven's hands in mine,

"Raven, I wanna be with you this time. I want to wake up and sleep with you by my side. I don't wanna have to worry anymore. I don't wanna have the feeling that you might be dead. I wanna know this time. I wanna be with you and the kids. Watch them grow up and fill in the 10 years I missed."

Raven was speechless. I grew confused at first but realized what I said meant a lot to her. Leaning in, Raven kissed me with that passion we had once had..

"Of course you can come with me," Raven said releasing. I smiled and held Raven close.

"Aw!" A little voice said from above.

"Ew!" Gagged another. Raven and I laughed as our children watched on. I called them both over and Dove was the first to come.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there your whole life," I say.

"It's okay," Dove assures me, "It's like you were there when you weren't."

I smiled, hugging my daughter, 

"I love you lil mama."

"I love you too daddy," She replied and hugged him back. BB was still at the top of the tree in his normal form.

"BB come down, baby," The queen of demons called and BB hopped off the tree. Before I could say anything, BB jumped into my arms and held me tight.

"I love you dad," BB said.

~No POV~

It was after the reunion when Raven and the kids followed Beast Boy to his little hide out to get some stuff.

"This is... Nice?" Raven tried to show some sort of support for the dump Beast Boy was living in.

"I know right," Beast Boy smiled going through a pile of garbage.

"Still the same huh?" 

"Yep. I thought you said you guys watched me."

"We did, when you weren't home."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes and continued his search.

"Aha!" He lifted a picture up in the air. "Here it is."

Examining the picture, Raven cracked a smile when she saw that it was of her and Beast boy.

"We can go now," Beast Boy said walking to the exit.

"Oh, we're not walking there," Dove put her arms out.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" A portal opened and everyone began to walk through it.

"You ready?" Raven asked. Beast Boy held her hand and nodded.

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