Baniel That's what he said

Daniel was never really sure about his sexuality, he saw attractive guys although he had only had girlfriends... With them relationships he felt nothing. But one guyin general made his heart race, this worried Daniel because the only guy to have this effect on him was his best friend. Beau Brooks.


2. Best Day EVER

 Beau’s P.O.V

Daniel was gay. Fuck. I like him, no scrap that I love him, when I look at him I feel dinosaurs rampaging in my stomach and I can’t handle it. When I look at him his eyes draw me in and I could get lost in them forever, I’m not gay, I’m bisexual but anyway like that matters. I am literally over the moon because now I have about a pea sized chance with him than nothing what so ever because I thought he was straight.

“Hey Beau” I knew who was talking to me because his voice was all ever heard.

“Hi Skip, what you doing?”

“I err was just thinking about someone”

“Ooooh does Skippy like someone?” I tried not to sound too jealous but I don’t think it worked.

“Hehe why is Beau Brooks Jealous?” He winked at me and my heart fluttered.

“No why would I be jealous? Answer the questionnn”

“Fine, yes I like someone but, I have no chance with them there straight” he looked up at me and smiled sadly, my heart broke. For one Daniel liked someone and two he was sad.

“Awh that’s cute, who is it?”

“I-I-I can’t tell you Beau you might hate me” Skip’s voice cracked at the end and he looked so innocent and fragile.

“Daniel I could never hate you you’re my best friend, best friends stick together always. You mean the world to me and more OK?”

“But what is it ruined our friendship”

“It will never come to that, I promise”

“I promise to, just don’t hate me”

“Skip it’s impossible to hate you”

“OK well, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and I’m sure I do like this guy, he is pure perfection and I know this might go wrong or it might turn out OK we’ll just have to see but here goes nothing…… Beau Peter Brooks, I like you” The blush on Daniel’s face was the most adorable thing I’ve seen ever; he looked anxious and happy but slightly sad. I did what I’ve been dreaming to do for 3 years now, I looked into his gorgeous eyes leaned down slowly, closed my eyes and kissed the handsome brunette.

Skip’s P.O.V

BEAU PETER BROOKS WAS KISSING ME. I took no hesitation in kissing back and oh it felt like a million fireworks had been set off in my stomach it felt amazing, we pulled back and I said in a shy voice “Does that mean you like me back?”

Beau had a sheepish smile on his face “Yes you, dumb twat, of course I like you back”

That day was the best, ever.

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