Fates Aligned

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4. Chapter 4 - Zoe's POV

"There is the local train station, I could just re-name it in my imagination to be called the Hogwarts Express!" Zoe thought. The local trainstation is literally deserted. No one uses it, but there a one or two homeless peoples sleeping in it. The train goes around the town 24/7.

After school, Zoe wrote out a list of things she could do to live like Hermoine. She scribbled on a piece of paper what she could do. She then hopped on google and tried to find Hermoine costumes. She really wanted to be like her! Zoe then looked in her wardrobe and suprisingly found Hermoine clothes. Great! I'm so excited for tomorrow!


The next day, Zoe immediately woke up when her alarm rang. She slipped on her clothes, grabbed a backpack and a few dusty books and ran over to the train station. Zoe was very happy she could actually be like Hermoine. She had to use her imagination for the train, to make it seem like Hogwarts Express. She closed her eyes tightly for 10 seconds, then opened them.

But there wasn't the local station.

It was the Hogwarts Express.



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