Fates Aligned

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3. Chapter 3 - Keira's P.O.V

Keira rummaged in her pocket for the last piece of her science project. The focusing crystal and the main crystal the essential parts of the lightsaber. Sighing she pulled out two blue crystals, her favourite colour. She placed them in the correct positions and closed the panel, screwing it shut. 

"Still working on the lightsaber, Keira?" A voice asked behind her. She turned and faced the teacher.

"I just finished Miss" She replied 

"Good, because the bell went five minutes ago" 

"Kriff" Keira muttered under her breath in the language of Star Wars

Keira grabbed her bag and jogged to her study period in the library at the opposite end of the school. This was a common occurrence after free period science, she would get engrossed in her project and never hear the bell ring. She was always late to those lessons afterwards, the teachers had gotten used to her turning up late. Even when late Keira would still get the most work done in class. Keira arrived at the library, lightsaber and screwdriver in hand. She walked and was stopped by the head librarian.

"No working on your lightsaber in the study period, get a book to read" he told Keira 

"But.." she started

"No buts" 

She turned again and put the lightsaber in her bag, grabbing the Star Wars book, Keira walked to her corner in the reading room. She got sucked into the world of reading once again. Reading through the life of Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi


She was pulled from the world, as a teacher stared down at her. 

"Yes, Miss" She smiled meekly 

"Miss Mitchell, the Principle wants to see you" The teacher told her

Keira nodded and followed the teacher out of the library grabbing her bag on the way. On the way to the principles office Keira day dreamed of what it would be like to be a Jedi Padawan in the Star Wars world. The Force never worked on Earth, she had tried. I wish I could be a Jedi during the Clone Wars with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as my trainer and Ezra Bridger there as well even though it's before his time. She thought to herself I wish I could escape from this life. She suddenly awoke from the daydream as a blinding white light consumed her. 

The blinding white light deposited Keira and a Boy on the busy world of Coruscant, on the front steps of the Jedi Temple as if it was the will of the Force, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi found them both unconscious

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