Fates Aligned

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2. Chapter 2 - Zoe's POV

The bus jolted as it ran over a road bump. Zoe was not frightened at all by this alert, so continued reading. Zoe never had a mindset on anything else other than reading (and school work). When the teacher was out of the classroom for 5 minutes, she'd grab her book and continue reading. Zoe would try to get as much time as possible to read, being an avid bookworm. 


The bus finally came to a holt infront of the school bus stop. Zoe didn't realise the bus had stop, it was already empty. She was one page away from the end of the book so just couldn't resist to put it down. After a few minutes, the bus driver came up to her.

"Hello? This is your stop right?" The bus driver asked. Zoe still didn't look up. The bus driver started waving his hand infront of the book and Zoe blinked a few times, then realised she was at school. She looked at the driver blankly, didn't say anything, grabbed her bag and ran off the bus. 


It was 8:28am, 2 minutes left until class starts. Zoe put her hand in her bag and started to rummage through it to find her time table. After many books on the ground she got to the bottom of her bag, where her timetable was. She was very flustered so as she unfolded it, it ripped in half, but she managed to read it. First period was English. This is no ordinary English lesson, it's a free time english lesson. This means you can either finish any english homework or go to the library and read books.  Of course, this was Zoe's favourite lesson. She rushed to the library and looked at all the shelves. Even though she sees the shelves everyday, she is still amazed at the fact of how many books there are. Zoe told herself at the start of the year she would start reading from alphabetical order, so start with authors starting with 'A.' Now that it is term 3, she is up to 'R.' Zoe skimmed her eyes through the 'R' books and found the one she is up to. 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone.' Harry Potter! Zoe was very excited so grabbed the book, a beanbag and took it to her 'secret' corner of the library and started reading. She was a very into Harry Potter and started to ponder a thought. 

What if I had a day in the life of Hermoine Granger?

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