Fates Aligned

*For Off the Page Co-Author Comp*


1. Chapter 1 - Keira's POV

Keira dragged herself up the steep hill that led to her school. The Monday morning was cold as frost had settled on the path. As Keira reached the gate she stretched out a gloved hand and pushed it open. First to school as usual She thought with a sigh. She made her way to her safe haven. The library, which was open at the early hours of the morning. Well if you counted that the school hours were early. She shrugged her bag off her shoulder and placed it in the cubby hole in the corridor. She made her way inside her glasses steaming up as she entered. 

"Which book to read" She muttered to herself. "I could read Star Wars again"

Keira walked through the shelves to find her book. She knew where every single book was. Well every book that she had read numerous times. She walked to the 'W's trying to find the book by 'Jude Watson' It was the Jedi Apprentice Series all in one. The reading room was a short walk. Keira walked to her spot. The Corner Couch. She sat down and curled into a ball and got sucked into the world of Star Wars. 

She was ripped from the world as the Formtime bell rang. She groaned silently in her head, she quickly issued the book out and trudged to her form class, where once again she started to read. Science was the first period, her favourite subject. As the bell went for first period she made her way to the lab, hoping to get her hands on some materials that she could continue making the lightsaber she had started on in the last free period of science. 


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