Memory of a Diary of a Teenage Girl

This is my diary that has my thoughts, my past, and feelings in it. I thought that it might be good to share this and to see if anyone else feels or thinks the same way I do.


1. Entry: 1-- Talking about How Writing a Journal is Like for Me

Memory of a Diary of a Teenage Girl
Entry: 1-- Talking about How Writing a Journal is Like for Me
Date: June 3rd, 2015

 The famous question that I hear from people is: “’Why don’t you just journal what you feel?’” What I sometimes say to them is the saying: “’Easier said than done.’” The fact is; it is hard to write done all your feelings and put them all out there. It feels off to me—even though I write stories and try my hardest to become better at writing—it’s totally different than writing a story. That is because you know what will happen at the end of the book, the people in your books usually get happy endings, and the journal is about you: nothing more, nothing less.  This makes it difficult to just let go and write everything and this is why I have deep respect for the people who can do it without a problem. I’ll be honest, even writing this short entry makes me feel consumed, frightened, and a little less stressed out about things.

 I want to say sorry if this does not seem normal for a diary entry, if there are any grammar mistakes, or that you don’t like what I’m saying. Feel free to correct me if you feel different on this or that I made a grammar mistake anywhere. It would mean a lot to me because this is my first time doing this and it would put me at ease. Thank you for your time and if anyone likes this, then I would love to share more of my thoughts that I have!

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