A song I wrote, based on my experience, after I found out I had epilepsy


1. Epilepsy


Another day passes lost and unforgiven

As if tomorrow were another step

Through this cold storm

Tears fall down

To the hard ground

No more to find

Another picture falls from the wall

Shattering memories of the past

Fear fills the air

Chills run up my spine

Nowhere to hide

Somewhere deep inside

I feel as if

There's no need to carry on this fight

I fall

I fall

The pain increases as I grow

I tried to bring myself to reason,

but my soul never tries

The rain falls down

On my open wounds

Can you save me?

The glass shatters against my skin

Revealing the happiness

That was once there

No need to try

These wounds don't heal

Cold and scared

I never had a chance

This endless darkness

Doesn't seem to care

I fall

I fall

Suddenly, I see

The reckless side of me

Staring at me in the mirror

A shadow speaks

Things full of dread

I take my will,

and shatter the mirror!

A new day rises on the horizon

Showing me new light

Something that I had forgotten

I have been reborn

The darkness is gone

The weight on my shoulders is no more

I've found a new path!

I have grown

Into somebody new

I have grown

The past is gone

A new story is written

I have grown

I have grown


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