Visiting BEN

Addison,Nicole and Laura, the sisters that everyone adores. They were the perfect college roommates, never apart and amazing grades. But what happens when Addison brings home a video game, dooming herself,Laura and Nikki to a world where they have to survive with BEN? But the real question is ... Will BEN ever let them leave?

[BEN Fanfiction: Other Creepypasta appearances] [UNDERGOING MAJOR GRAMMAR EDITING AND PLOT FIXES]

Cover by Beautifully Saiyan Panda: Plot by Harley and Manda : Chapters written and edited by Harley:


2. The Tower

I woke up to blinding light, like when you get up and check your phone in the middle of the night type light.  Yeah, that kind of blinding light.

     I forced myself to move from the stiff position I had been laying in and did a quick look around. After concluding I was alone. I spotted the brown hair of one of my twin sisters. I ran over to the sleeping girl and shook her with all my might, her hair fell from her face and I could now tell for sure it was Nicole.

     Nicole let out a grunt and pushed me away as she stretched out her stiff limbs.  She took in her surroundings then abruptly stopped and turned to me with wide eyes.  "Where's Laura?"

     I frowned.  I hadn't thought about it.  "Maybe she made it home?" I suggested.

     Nicole agreed then spoke once more, "Where are we?"

     I looked around again, the place seemed familiar, not like I have been here but like I have seen or heard about it.  It was dim and dark and the sun was no where to be seen, yet there was still enough light that you could read a book.  Nicole shivered, but it wasn't cold, it was just a chill that would go down your back every few minutes.  Like someone was breathing down your neck and watching your every move, just waiting for you to make a mistake.

     I shivered and helped Nicole to her feet.  She gave me a smile as a thank you then turned towards the door.  "We need to find, Laura and fast.  Then let's get out of here, yeah?" Nicole questioned and I simply nodded as we made our way to the door. As we walked to the door I could have sworn I heard thwood creak, maybe it was old and no one had walked on it in a long time?

     Nikki sent me a worried glance as she turned the knob on the door of the tall tower.

     I walked outside, expecting to be blinding by the sun but only to be met with gruesome music that played. It was the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask or something.  But the once happy tune was twisted into something that wasn't happy nor joyful but a ghostly shell of the music itself.  It was dark and played on repeat, like some song of death.  But where was it come from?  No one was here but Nikki and I, we were all alone but the song played on repeat.  The town was empty, no one was there, no pets, people, kids.  Just us, but the song still played it's hollow tune until it was almost unbearable to listen anymore.

     Nicole abruptly stopped. "SHUT UP!" she screeched and covered her ears. I put a hand on her back and rubbed her back soothingly, trying to comfort my sister.

     "It'll be okay," I repeated, but deep down I knew something was terribly wrong. 

     My fears were confirmed when the wind started to howl and Nicole stopped screaming.  She looked at me, and you could see the gears turning in her head as she put the puzzle together.

     "We're in the game," Nicole said.

     And, I know it sounds weird, but I bursted out into laughter, laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.  She had to be kidding right?  But I was smart, the dead serious look in her eye told me that she was serious.  Dead serious.  I frowned as I recovered from the laughing fit just minutes ago. "Really?"

     She nodded, "When the lighting hit, we were all touching the console or the control and we all got shocked.  We were all pulled into the game, Addy."

     I looked at Nikki.  "You're crazy" I said and she shook her head.

     "It's true!" she screamed, now I was mad.

     "Let's just go find Laura and get back home, okay?" I said and she nodded. We turned on our heel and started walking towards where we heard silent sobs coming from, and their, right in front of us was Laura.

     But she wasn't alone.

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