Visiting BEN

Addison,Nicole and Laura, the sisters that everyone adores. They were the perfect college roommates, never apart and amazing grades. But what happens when Addison brings home a video game, dooming herself,Laura and Nikki to a world where they have to survive with BEN? But the real question is ... Will BEN ever let them leave?

[BEN Fanfiction: Other Creepypasta appearances] [UNDERGOING MAJOR GRAMMAR EDITING AND PLOT FIXES]

Cover by Beautifully Saiyan Panda: Plot by Harley and Manda : Chapters written and edited by Harley:


4. The Story

 Addison's POV 

BEN took a hold of my wrist, his nails digging into my soft skin.

     Man, someone needed a mani-pedi.

     "What did I do that I shouldn't have done?" I managed to get out.

Ben rolled his eyes and tugged me along to a pit-like water hole, what the heck?

He forced me to look at the water, in the water there was a reflection, but not mine, it was a little boy playing video games, This video game. The little boy was wearing a green shirt and shorts, his blonde hair stood up and he was really into that game. But than a door opened and someone started screaming at the boy, the little boy looked terrified as he tried to scurry away.. I tried to look away, I didn't want to see this, BEN forced my eyes to the water, "You'll miss the best part" He said quietly as a man dragged the crying little boy out to a backyard. I already knew what happened next, I didn't need nor want to see this, But I didn't have a choice. The man, who I had labeled as the tiny boy's father, dragged the boy to a nearby creek that separated the house and the forest. The creek was pretty full, since it was a heavy rain. The man wrapped his large hand around the back of the boy's neck and all the boy could see was the freezing cold water before him, his large green eyes stared back at him like a ghost and a chill went down my spine. The boy's father in one quick movement dunked the boy's head into the water and the boy let out a shrill scream, but it was only a gurgle noise as the water filled his lungs. The boy's eyes started to flutter closed but he kept fighting his father's strength. The boy did put up a fight, and he didn't go down easy, but after three minutes his body went still and his eyes rolled back. His father had a frown placed on his lips as he mumbled one last insult at his son, "Bloody idiot" were his exact words if you must know. The boy laid face down in the river, a long scrape over one of his arms from a creek rock. I went to turn my head away, I didn't wanna watch anymore. Ben's hand tightened around my wrist and I let out a small whimper. "Sorry isn't over yet, darling" his voice sent chills down my back. A misty smoke like thing floated up from the boy's small head, and took the form of the boy. But this boy wasn't the sweet, video game obsessed boy I had saw moments before the accident, this boy's eyes were dark; black even, and his blonde hair spiked up a bit and he worse a evil, creepy smirk as the boy walked back into his run-down house, or should I say floated into. He was still smirking like a mad man as the little ghost boy picked up a kitchen knife. It looked as if it had been recently sharpened to a point, which freaks me out. Ghost boy floated over to his drunk passed out dad and plunged the knife into his rib cage, which, made an awful cracking noise as blood splattered onto the boy's once innocent face that made him look so sweet and kind, but now all I saw was... evil. The boy let a unhumanly giggle escape his lips as he disappeared into the wind, like nothing. Nothing.


I did notice one thing; Game console was missing. and so was the game he had been playing. "Who was that?" I questioned Ben, though I already knew the answer.



"Me" He said evenly

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