Visiting BEN

Addison,Nicole and Laura, the sisters that everyone adores. They were the perfect college roommates, never apart and amazing grades. But what happens when Addison brings home a video game, dooming herself,Laura and Nikki to a world where they have to survive with BEN? But the real question is ... Will BEN ever let them leave?

[BEN Fanfiction: Other Creepypasta appearances] [UNDERGOING MAJOR GRAMMAR EDITING AND PLOT FIXES]

Cover by Beautifully Saiyan Panda: Plot by Harley and Manda : Chapters written and edited by Harley:


5. The regretful Action

Three days.

Three days, my sisters and I have been trapped in this twisted world of right and wrong, everyday the hollow  song of healing played until we wanted to bang our heads on a table over and over again just so we wouldn't'[t have to listen to it anymore. I constantly asked Ben how to leave, I would only be answered with a cocky smirk and those taunting green eyes teasing me, making me crazy. I dreamed of those eyes every night, the blood that looked fresh but never dried beneath his

eyes, making me want to shiver out of terror. We had been sleeping in a cottage like house, wooden beds with crappy mattresses sat in the corners. Maybe it was an old orphanage, Maybe that is why the beds were lined up and there were wooden handmade toys piled in the corner. BEN sat on the window seal with an annoying smirk on his face,

"You girls hungry?" He tossed an apple towards me, I quickly dodged it,

"No" I replied curtly and slammed the book I was holding shut.

Dust went upward towards my nose and I resisted the urge to sneeze as I scrunched up my face. BEN laughed and Laura sent me a goofy grin as she fiddled with an old locket.

"Why so down, Addie?" BEN looked into my eyes, mine full of hatred.

My blood boiled at the use of my nickname,  "Shut up" I snapped and threw the book in his directions, he dodged it like I had the apple.

"Why are you keeping us here, what use it is?" I asked angrily and looked over at my sisters.

"Because, sweet little Addison, you and the... brats, are special too me. It gets lonely here all by myself, and you make things interesting." He jumped down from the window seal and landed next to the bed I was sitting on, a low growl escaped my throat and clenched my fists.

"Back off, Peter Pan." I shot, and he set his jaw and stuck his hands in his pockets.

"I would be careful about what you say around here, something could happen that you might regret." He let out a low dark chuckle, and his eyes darken.

I don't know why, but I rasied my hand. And I slapped him, hard. His cheek redden and my sisters eye's widened in shock, and maybe horror. "Oh sweetie, you shouldn't  of done that. . ."

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