Visiting BEN

Addison,Nicole and Laura, the sisters that everyone adores. They were the perfect college roommates, never apart and amazing grades. But what happens when Addison brings home a video game, dooming herself,Laura and Nikki to a world where they have to survive with BEN? But the real question is ... Will BEN ever let them leave?

[BEN Fanfiction: Other Creepypasta appearances] [UNDERGOING MAJOR GRAMMAR EDITING AND PLOT FIXES]

Cover by Beautifully Saiyan Panda: Plot by Harley and Manda : Chapters written and edited by Harley:


1. The Cartridge

It was unlike most N64 cartridges I'd seen so far.  Most still had their labels on, and a lot went for over eighty bucks on eBay.  Not many had their title written in Sharpie on a white sticker.  Very few were just given away.

     My name is Addison, and I'm a gaming addict.

     I'm kidding!!  I don't think I'll need to go to therapy for it.  Gaming is just a hobby.

     I go to the same college as my other two sisters.  They're Nicole and Laura, almost my twins. They were twins, brown hair, bright Green eyes and Charming smiles. Me on the other hand, I have red/orange hair and brown eyes. Freckles sprinkled my nose and cheeks and my smile was shy and tiny. I guess you could say I was a good girl.

     Nicole bought me this N64 cartridge for my birthday last week, but between classes and homework, I haven't gotten around to playing it just yet.  Nicole said she found it in one of the classroom's trashcans, with a note and something scribbled on it.  She wouldn't tell me what so I let it slide.  Laura was excited, this being her first time playing or even watching any Legend of Zelda game. I, on the other hand, have played many, Twilight Princess being my favorite.

     But this cartridge was weird, the paper tore off and the only thing on it was a white sticker with the game's title written on it, it made me wonder.

     Nicole and Laura took their seats in the desk chairs that sat in front of our TV.  I hooked up the cable to the console and hit the power button.  I clenched the control tightly in my hands as I did so, the files came up.  I was confused to see that their were two files, YOUR TURN and BEN.  It must of been the files of the previous owner.  Laura took the control from my sweaty palms as a strange feeling came over me.  She clicked the 'YOUR TURN' file and it had 3 hearts and 0 masks.  She went down the BEN file and it was the same.

     "Should we make a new file?" Laura chirped

     "Guys..." I trailed off but they ignored the worried tone in my voice and selected the YOUR TURN file. I cringed at this and they gave me a look as if to say 'suck it up'. I was all for games but this one gave me the creepiest feeling ever. I shifted as Laura started the game and the Legend of Zelda logo popped up and the sword clashing sound rung threw the large dorm room. Link appeared in the clock tower, Laura made him test out all of his weapons and such before walking forward. First of all, the game was dim and creepy, like the sun had disappeared and took  eveyone with it. She made Link make his way out of the clock tower, the rain outside of our dorm and the thunder made this even scarier, but it was the weird way Link was walking that sent me over the edge.

     "Why is he waddling like a penguin?" Nicole asked

     "Maybe he likes penguins!" Laura chirpped, earning a glare from Nikki.

     "Just play," I commanded with a eye roll.

     "Stop b- " Nicole started but was cut off by the crash of thunder outside then a flash of lightning. But what happened next was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, The lightning must of hit some kind of cable because it sent a shock-through Laura's small body and she let out a scream of pain. Nicole lunged forward to unplug the console but that was a mistake, as the cable shock her harshly and painfully she cried out. I grabbed the control from Laura's shaking hands and tried to restart the game but a text box flashed on the screen.

     "You shouldn't have done that..." I read aloud and a chill went done my spine. I remember three things after that, a flash of light from the TV, being pulled into the TV, and waking up in the clock tower.

     Now this is where the story gets real twisted.

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