A CreepyPasta story - The Seer Fanfic

Samantha just turned 17. She got a mysterious present from her late mother; a book that will change her life forever. In a turn of events, she is saved by the Creepy Pasta family, who tell her she is a Seer, and has to face a horrible evil. And then she finds out that she has unusual powers, so unusual that no one can comprehend them!


1. Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Sam, I live with my dad in a little cabin in the forest. I go to school most of the time but sometimes I ditch it and go explore the forest, and when I'm tired I sit under a tree.

I started to pack up when my phone ran, it was my best friend Max.

"hello?" I answered.

"dude, where are you?" she asked.

"I'm in the forest, why?" l asked.

"someone was murdered near there today, I just found out from a boy at school. it was his older sister." she said.

"wow, is he ok? I asked worried.

" never mind him, the police are interviewing your farther."

I wasn't surprised, when we moved here there seemed to be a lot of murders, in the forest or in town. So I wasn't too worried about Dad being with police.

"hay, I'll call you back soon, I'll go to the cabin and see the police." I said.

"ok." she said then she hang up.


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