Dying Inside ©2015 (Poem)

*This poem was written for, and inspired by, the Cleveland Abduction Victims, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus. This is my point of view on how they must have felt while being held captive by Ariel Castro for over a decade of their lives. A decade that they will never get back.
Thank goodness they were recovered safely in May 2013 and their abductor is now dead! If you like this poem, please hit that like button!


1. Dying Inside ©2015 Poem By: J.L. Jacobs

Molested and abused

So scared and confused

Trying to hide the pain

Staying strong yet again

Loneliness and depression

Pain is his obsession

So broken is my life

Fighting just to stay alive

Mistakes and regrets

Sadness and neglect

Trying to free my mind

Leaving pieces of me behind

Just a tortured soul

I'm losing control

Free my mind from the past

Running ever so fast

Forever losing hope

Everything's so broke

Wake me from this dream

I'm ripping at the seams

Pain too much to bear

Nothing can compare

Don't know what is true

With such a clouded view

But each and everyday I pray

that we will be found someday

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