Love my Ashton

Liz is 16 and lives with her dad who abuses her a lot. All she wants is to get away from him but, with no money what is she suppose to do? Then one day after her dad abused her she ran away from home and met a very special guy.
Does she fall for him?
Does he fall for her?
Read to find out


7. Chapter 6

Liz's POV:

Omg I'm Ashton's girlfriend!!! Yes! After our kiss we walked back to the car and started for home. The ride was silent. But not awkward silent just peaceful. "Thank you" I said breaking the silence.

"For what?" Ashton asked.

"For everything. Finding me in the park, letting me stay at your house, buying me this dress" I said while turning so the dress spun outward. "And for letting me be your girlfriend." Just then Ashton grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"And thank you for saying yes. I really like you Liz, like really like you. I want you to be mine forever." When we got home I changed into my pjs and brushed my teeth. Ashton asked his mom if we had to go to school tomorrow and yes we do. We haven't been to school in a week so it will be nice to see Lily again. Ashton's mom said she told the school we had the flu all week so that's why we weren't there. After I was dressed in my pjs Ashton waked in and said his mom needed me, so I went down stairs. "Yes Anne?" I asked.

"So how did it go?" She asked. I laughed and told her about the grape war and how he chased me around. "Did he kiss you?" She asked eagerly. I was about to tell her when Ashton interrupted. "That's for us to know. But I can tell you we are dating." He said proudly. I blushed like crazy and looked at the floor. "Ohhh, then I'll leave you two to watch a movie or something." Anne said back to him. Then she left. Ashton put in the movie Unfriended, it was super scary. Me and him were laying on the couch with my head on his chest. Every time there was a scary part I always buried my head into his chest, so for practically the whole movie. Every once in a while he would rub my back and kiss my forehead.

Ashton's POV:

Liz fell asleep a little over half way through the movie. She was so cute and looked so peaceful when she slept. After Unfriended ended I picked Liz up and carried her up stairs. I put her on the left side of my king size bed and kissed her head. I got in my bed on the right side and rolled over to face Liz. As soon as I did Liz rolled over and grabbed my arm. I pulled her over to me and she put her head on my chest and continued to sleep. I can't wait for her to meet the boys. She's gonna love them.

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