Love my Ashton

Liz is 16 and lives with her dad who abuses her a lot. All she wants is to get away from him but, with no money what is she suppose to do? Then one day after her dad abused her she ran away from home and met a very special guy.
Does she fall for him?
Does he fall for her?
Read to find out


5. Chapter 4

Liz's POV:

I woke up the next day in Ashton's arms. Ashton looked so cute while he was sleeping. Wait, was I falling for Ashton? I think I am. I hope he fills the same way. I reached over and grabbed his phone to check the time, it was 6:30. I tried to slip out of Ashton's grip without waking him up but failed. "Good morning" He said while rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning sorry to wake you" I said back to him.

"Oh it's okay, are you hungry?" He asked.

"Yes, oh and do you happen to have an iPhone 5c charger?" I asked.

"Yeah here, now follow me" he replied. I handed him my phone and followed him downstairs. "Hey mom, this is Liz" he said pointing to me.

"Hi sweetie, hi Liz you can called me Anne and you can stay as long as you like." Anne said to me and Ashton. "Thank you Anne." I said. After breakfast I went upstairs to take a shower. After my shower I changed into the outfit that Ashton's chose for me from his sisters room. I have to admit it was really cute.

Ashton's POV:

After breakfast Liz went to take a shower and I picked an outfit from my sisters room for her, I hope she likes it. After I put her outfit on my sisters bed I went downstairs to help my mom clean. "Do you like her?" My mom asked.

"Who? Liz?" I asked.

"Yes, do you like her?"

"She's a nice girl." I replied even though I knew that's not what my mom meant.

"Ashton sweetie, don't play dumb. Do you like her as a girlfriend?"

"Yes I do, please don't tell her mom."I pleaded.

"I won't" she replied just then Liz walked downstairs and she looked super hot in the outfit I picked for her. "Okay are you two ready to go shopping?" My mom asked. We both nodded and then we left. Me and Liz sat in the backseat while my mom drove. Liz asked my mom if we had any CDs and my mom handed her the CD case. She picked out the Speak Now soundtrack by Taylor Swift. Me and her sang our hearts out the whole way to the mall. She was a pretty good singer. When we got to the mall we ate at the food court then they went to a girly store so I told him I would meet them at hot topic.

Liz's POV:

Me and Anne went to a kind of girly store, so Ashton said he would meet us at hot topic. While we were there she started asking me questions about myself like my favorite color, my favorite food, etc. until out of the blue she asked me about Ashton. "What do you think of Ashton?" She asked.

"He is really sweet and really nice. I'm pretty sure his girlfriend is really lucky to have him." I said a little confused about why she asked me about Ashton.

"Oh, sweetie he doesn't have a girlfriend." She said nonchalantly. Wait he doesn't have a girlfriend? I mean yay but why? He is super sexy and nice he could have anybody he wanted to. "Oh, so I guess when you asked me what do I think of Ashton you were asking me do I like him like him, right?" She nodded. "Well then the answer is, yeah I really do." I told her. Her smile widened and she pulled me out of the store towards hot topic.

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