Circus of Dreams

I know of a place where nightmares are not real and dreams are only the beginning. This place is full of magic...


2. They call me the Puppet Master

When I was little a circus would come to my town. This circus was un like any I had ever seen. It was full of magic and wonder. In this circus anything could come true if you just closed your eyes and believed that it would happen. This place was a place where kids could be kids and you could have all the dreams that you want to come true happen. It was every kids dream to be able to go this place when it would come to town for the short time that it was around. I know that when I was little I always wanted to go to the circus that would come with out warring. "Mummy come on it's here for the night only. We have to go to the Dream Circus before it leaves again." I would grab at my mom's hand and try to pull her out the door as she would finish getting ready. "Okay okay just wait a  minute darling mommy is almost done." I loved going to the circus at night the most. Getting to see all the colors and hear all the laughter.

I get all the same joy now to.....only now I never have to leave the circus of dreams. I am now a part of the circus. They call me the puppet master and I make children's dreams come true. I help make the magic of this place come true. "Excuse me mister." A little girl grabbed on my pants leg. "Yes, little girl how may I help you?" I asked her with a smile on my face. She giggled with joy and asked me a question. "Do you make the dreams come true?" She asked me looking curious her self. I nodded with a happy smile on my face. "Why yes I do make dreams come true. Do you have a dream you wish to come true?" She smiled and nodded. " I want a unicorn." I nodded and with a wave of my hand her dream came true.


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