Circus of Dreams

I know of a place where nightmares are not real and dreams are only the beginning. This place is full of magic...


4. The wishing tree

Come to the wishing tree and let your dreams come true. I promise this tree is no fake nor is it a scam. You pay nothing at all as the wishing leaves fall gently in the river where they rock softly in the water flow. "Why hello little girl care to make a wish on such a beautiful wish?" She looks a bit off taken but soon ask "What do I do?" I smile and node and take her hand. "First we must go to the tree and hear the angels sing. Then you must close your eyes and dream upon a dream and don't share your wish until it comes true. Then when it does think of the circus and all of us." I say with a node as I back away slowly.

The girl tilts her head and closes her brown eyes. "I hear the angle's song. So sad and lonely and yet so beautiful." She opens her eyes and gives me a smile. "Thank you Mr. I hope it comes true." She says with a bow then off she goes not wasting about. I smile a cheerful smile and go on about making my rounds. I run this here circus for I am the puppet master and you are all my dolls much like I am a doll my self. I pray that you all may sleep well tonight....

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