Circus of Dreams

I know of a place where nightmares are not real and dreams are only the beginning. This place is full of magic...


17. The end?

The year is 1978 and circus came to town. You find a flier telling you to go but right before you can go a man stops you. The man looks to be about in his 30s. "Don't go to the circuses you won't leave if you do...." He says to looking scared. "Why not? What do you mean I won't come back?" The man turns to face you and he has a crazed look in his eyes. "My friend went to that circus when we where kids and he said that he meat a boy named the Puppet master. He's the one that pulls all the strings at that place. He said the boy  was real but he was just a dead corpse moving around on strings. He got away because he didn't go in but when he ran away he said that looked up the missing kids at home. All the kids at the circus where dead and they all went missing in 1925. They where killed and forced to stay their taking in new kids waiting for the day they would be freed. Only now they don't want to leave any more."  You give the crazy man a weird look and walk away.

"You bonkers old man." You say and head to the circus despite what he said. When you reach it you see that what he said was true. Only you weren't as lucky as his friends. Now you will be forced to play with them until the end of time.

"Come one come all to the see our newest attraction!!!!" A loud voice booms and you can't see a thing for you are blindfolded now. "She's one of a kind folks I tell you that!!!" He booms on again and you can feel that you are bleeding and your skin is missing. "Come and see our Hanging girl!!!" he screams and the curtains open and the blind fold taken away. Now you can see they striped your skin and killed you. Such a sickening site to see in dead. A boy with puppet comes up to you a smile on his face. Now you know that the Puppet master is real and this is the end for you.....You shouldn't have come to the Circus....Now you will never leave....

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