Circus of Dreams

I know of a place where nightmares are not real and dreams are only the beginning. This place is full of magic...


12. No more tears

The next day a boy with big bright eyes comes to our lovely circus. He smiles very brightly yes very bright indeed. How ever his smile hides a very sad past. The boy walks around in amazement at all the wonderful things in our hell. "Wow!" He says with enjoyment making me smile. "Why hello their little boy what might your name be?" I say with a friendly smile. The boy looks up at me very happily. "My name is Ceil and today is my birthday...." Suddenly his happy smile drops and fades away. I watch as tears start to form in his big round blue eyes so full of hope.

I get down on one knee so I am at his height and I pat his head making him look up at me. "Don't cry kido please your looks so much better when you have a smile on your face." I told him as I took out a hanker chief and wipe away the little boys tears. He sniffles and hugs me crying a bit more. "Your so lucky Mr. you get to play all day long and have so much fun with out a care in the world. You don't have to worry about finding a home like me." I sigh and hug the kid back.

If only you knew the truth about this place. You wouldn't feel the same then. I thought to my self but didn't say a word. "You could stay here kid if you really wanted to." I said then regretted the words that had left my mouth. The boys eyes light u with excitement. "Really I could!!!!" I nodded my head not liking where this was all going. "Their is just one thing you have to do...." the boys smile came back ounce more. I wanted to scream at him so badly to leave and never look back. Tell him to save him self and that we would be okay. To tell him that I know he would find the perfect family someday. How ever I just kept I tall in. "What do I have to do Mr.? I'll do anything I fi means I can stay here with you."

I smiled back tears coming to my eyes that I held back as best I could. "Are you sure want his Ceil?" I ask the boy giving him a chance to escape. he nodes with excitement and I sigh. "You have to make a promise that you can never brake." I tell him and he nodes happily. "Do you promise that no matter what happens you will never leave the circus and that you will always be my friend?" The boy nodes his head and makes a pinky swear with me. I smile and take his hand in mine and lead him to the back with the others. "Guys we have a new member!" I say happily and the others all gather around with sad smiling face. We all throw a party because want his last day alive to be a happy one.

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