Circus of Dreams

I know of a place where nightmares are not real and dreams are only the beginning. This place is full of magic...


8. Freedom is just in reach....

Seeing her makes me very happy. It feels like we finally have a chance at freedom to have our old lives back. "Come this way little girl." I say as I lead her away to a tent sure to amaze her. I lead her to the ice tent where her eyes went wide with wonder as we walked in and watched as the time froze around us. "This place is wonderful. Where are we?" She asked as she turned to face me. I smiled loving to see her bright smile that was warming up my cold heart. "So I asked my self where are we? The I told my self we are in the ice garden where time freezes." Her eyes sparkled as an ice crown showed up on her head.

I couldn't help but smile as she laughed. "Wait time is frozen in this room.." I said slowly making her look at me. "What are you getting at?" I looked over at her remembering that we had no cameras in this room and their for I couldn't get in trouble for braking my part. "Scarlet im so sorry for the act I pulled out their. It's just that it's not safe here for you or any one. I had to talk like that out their because if we do he will hurt us." She gave me a scared look.

"So then all those kids in the crazy cloths like what your wearing are all trapped here?" Scarlet asked me giving me a scared look. I nodded giving her a sad look. "We cant brake out by our selves because he is always watching us. Now that your here though we might have a chance at freedom at last." My eyes light up with wonder just like hers and she gave me scared unsure look. "What are you talking about Daniel I cant do anything for you guys." I made a face that got her to crack a smile. "Yes you can Scarlet if you just believe that you can." Scarlet glared at me. "O really so if I did believe in my self then what is it that I could do to help you guys?"

I smiled really big at her. "You can free them from their prison trances and help them see the light like you did to me. After seeing you and hearing your voice I remembered everything that I had forgotten. You gave me the hope that I thought that I had lost for good. You can give them others hope that they lost too." My eyes where shinning with excite me now. I could feel it in my stomach. This is going to work. I waited for Scarlet to think things over in her head. "All right I'll see what I can do to help you guys." I smiled and punched my fist into the air. "That's what I like to hear!!!" "So how are we going to make this plan work?" Scarlet looked at me. I gave her a shaky look. "You have to get the boss to see you as a sad lost soul with a talent so he will take an interest in you and let you join the circus." Scarlet looked down at the ground. "So I have to leave my family behind then...." I nodded slowly. She had a sad look on her face that soon turned in to a determined one.

"If it means that I can free you and the other children form this horrible place then that's what I'll do. After all children are not slaves." She smiled at me proudly and I suddenly  had hope for tomorrow and a brighter day again. This was a feeling that I hadn't had in a long time. Not since my family died. I smiled at her with tears in my eyes "Hey Scarlet.." She turned to look at me. "Yeah Daniel?" "Thanks for everything your doing." She smiled at me and pulled me into a tight hug. "Hey that's what friends are for."

Looks like we are finally going to be going home guys....I'll see you guys real soon....I love you all and miss you guys a lot.

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