Doncaster Playboys {A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction}

Ella Carter dreads leaving her friends in LA to move to Doncaster, but when she crushes on Doncaster High School's number one playboy she forgets all about LA. Will she fall for him?


5. Chapter 5- His House

Chapter 5


Ella's P.O.V.

We stepped into his gorgeous home and saw twins chasing each other around one holding some lipstick and one with a a cell phone 


"Oh my gosh, I'm so scared" who said to be Daisy rolled her eyes while making a fake crying face.

"I'll break your Mac lipstick in hal-

"Girls calm down, whats the matter?"

Both of the girls started screaming things at Lou. It was like that scene from a movie where everyone starts saying something at the same time and then someone has to scream for everyone to shut up. That someone was Louis. 

"GIRLS!" he yelled and at once they silenced.

"Just give her the lipstick Phoebe, and Daisy give her, her cell phone." Louis stated calmly. 

He was surprisingly good with his sisters. They did as told and went upstairs to, well I don't really know.

"Very sorry about that, being the oldest of seven siblings is hard work." Louis chuckled

"It's okay, it looks pretty hard. I could never manage that many." I joked slightly.

The closest things I had to a sibling were my cousins that i used to see all the time in LA. They were basically my siblings sinc- my thoughts interrupted.

"Do you have any siblings?" Louis asked making his way to what I believe is the kitchen and I followed close behind.

"No, well not biological ones at least." I replied

I have a step-brother but I think he hates my guts cause he thinks my mom separated his parents. I don't think of him as a family member though. He's in Australia right now with his dad for work stuff.

"Step sister?" Louis asked

"Brother actually, his name is Calum."

"Oh nice, does he go to school at DHS too?

"No, he lives in Australia but he's coming to live with me next month or something."

"Sick! Well, you hungry?" he asked me

"No thanks, I'm fine."

He nodded his head knowingly.

"Lets go finish a project!" He yelled.

He's such a goofball, I'm in love.

When we walked up the stairs we saw Daisy sitting outside of a room with door closed as she played with her lipstick.

"Daisy where is Phoebe?" Louis asked.

She looked up at noticed I was there too but she politely turned her gaze to Louis.

"She locked me out cause we got in a fight." She looked upset. They seemed like the type of twins that were best friends.

Louis argued calmly with Phoebe through the door and she finally unlocked it. 

"Thanks Louis." Daisy gave him a quck hug but before she entered her room she turned on her heel to look at me and then Louis.

"Your new girlfriend is prettier then Eleanor." she smirked and then she quickly closed the door so Louis couldn't say anything back to her. You could hear little giggles from the other side of the door. I blushed when Louis looked back at me. I hate myself.

Louis chuckled and said "Sorry 'bout that." (A/N: i read that in his accent and fujkiewavh)

"Lets get to the other girls, they won't make you blush." He giggled and I playfully hit his shoulder. 

We went up the stairs to his huge house and he showed me the rooms and introduced me to his 2 other siblings that were there. There was Charlotte who they call Lottie, and Félicité who they called Fizzy. They were absolutely stunning. I'm sure Louis' whole family is gorgeous. 

Louis huffed "Now lets start this bloody project."

I chuckled a bit and he brought me into his room. He closed the door and locked it behind me.



Cliff hangerrrrrrrr.. kinda... sorta...anyways, favorite if you liked it. love youuuuuuu 

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