Doncaster Playboys {A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction}

Ella Carter dreads leaving her friends in LA to move to Doncaster, but when she crushes on Doncaster High School's number one playboy she forgets all about LA. Will she fall for him?


4. Chapter 4- The Drive There

Chapter 4


Louis P.O.V

It was an hour before school was finished, and Ella would be coming over. I was so excited, in a bad way. I had to end things with my girlfriend Eleanor first, so we skipped last period. She was pulling me into the girls bathroom, and I had to end it before we started anything.

"Eleanor can we talk."

"After this..." she smirked and started kissing me. I pulled away.

"Eleanor stop." I hollered at her.

"Okay fine what do you want?"

"This isn't working out..."

"Of course it is babe." she started kissing me again.

"Eleanor." I pulled away

"We're breaking up." and with that I walked out of the girls bathroom. People believe I like to break up with all these girls. I don't. I just haven't found the perfect girl yet. That's why it doesn't hurt when I break up with them. I walked down the hall to the classroom Ella was in. S6, advanced science. I think she is the smartest girl I've have dated, or will be dating.The bell rang for last period being finished and Ella walked out of the classroom.


Ella's P.O.V

I saw Louis waiting for me. Damn he was a gorgeous human. I walked towards him and flashed a smile


"Hey. Ready to go?


He smiled and we were silent on the way to the car. I was remembering what Harry said about Louis playing the girls. I knew things wouldn't go that far. I walked up to Harry's car with Louis and he was waiting there with three guys.

"Hi Harry." I said softly not wanting to interrupt him.

"Oh hey Ella. These are my friends Liam and Zayn. You've met Niall."

"Hey I'm Ella, nice to meet you!" I gave them all a quick hug.

"Good to go?"

"Yep, but I'm doing a project with Louis so just drop me off at his place." I gave a smile but Harry looked worried.

"Okie-dookie" He pulled out of the parking space.

The boys let me sit in the passenger seat

and they sat in the back. Harry was driving.

"Ella where are you from?" asked Liam

"Los Angeles."

"Wow, big change." He said with wide eyes. I nodded my head

Zayn was the quiet type. But after you get to know him maybe he's more comfortable to be around. Then I got a text.

SexyLexi<3- Hey gurl how is London?

Elligator- Hey I miss you!! Lol DONCASTER is great. ;)

SexyLexi<3- Lol that's obviously what I said. I miss you more xxx

Elligator- You should come visit some time :P.

SexyLexi<3- I'll think about it. gotta get to third p. byee babe xoxo

Elligator- Byee hun <3

By the time I lifted my head up we were at Louis house. It was as big as my house. Maybe even bigger, okay ALOT bigger. "This is our stop!" Louis exclaimed.

I was beginning to get out of the car, but then gently grabbed  my shoulder.

"Be careful, text me if you needed anything."

I raised my eyebrow and nodded.

It's not he like he's A from Pretty Little Liars and wants to kill me.



What do you think will happen at the house. OMG IS LOUIS A?!? (no) Lol. Comment for a new update 💞

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