Doncaster Playboys {A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction}

Ella Carter dreads leaving her friends in LA to move to Doncaster, but when she crushes on Doncaster High School's number one playboy she forgets all about LA. Will she fall for him?


3. Chapter 3- The First Day


Chapter 3


Ella's P.O.V

It was my first day of high school in Doncaster. I was so nervous. They only friend I made was Harry, I think. Well, I got up to a text at 6:57

Harry:) -Excited for your first day?

Elligator- Nopee

Harry:) -Why not?

Elligator- your my only friend and what if everybody else hates me?

Harry:) -You'll be fine. Meet me in the front

Elligator-Okay. see you in a bit

Harry:) -Bye.

I pulled myself out of bed and got into the shower. Then I brushed my teeth and went into my closet. Over the weekend I unpacked my clothes and put the in the closet. I didn't decorate yet though. I put on a distressed pair of high waisted jean shorts and a long sleeve baby blue crop top and my white converse platforms. I lightly curled my hair and put it in a half up half down style. Then I just added a white bow. I grabbed my bookbag and head downstairs while getting a text from Harry.

Harry:) -One more thing, want a ride?

Elligator- Yea sure, thanks!

Harry:) -No problem. Address?

Elligator- 47 East Starwalk Street.

Harry:) -Okay. I'll text you when I'm outside.

I looked at the next and nodded. I put my phone on the kitchen counter and went to the cabinets. I poured my Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a bowl and sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. I just finished my cereal and put in the sink and immediately got a text from Harry.

Harry:) -I'm outside. :)



I grabbed a Abercrombie gray sweater and threw it in my bag incase it got cold. I walked out the door and saw Harry waiting there. There was someone in the back seat. Harry smiled when I opened the car door.

"Hey Harry." and I hugged him

"Hey Ella." he hugged back then looked towards the back seat.

"You remember Louis." He said with a small glare in his eyes. I nodded

"Yea, hi." damn was he handsome.

"Hey." he said.

"Well we should get going." and Harry began driving the car. He put on the radio and said

"Pick a station." he looked at me

I flipped through the channels until I heard my favorite The 1975 song. I immediately started singing

For crying out loud, settle down!
You know I can't be found with you
We get back to my house
Your hands, my mouth
Now I just stop myself around you.

"You're a good singer" said Louis

"Thanks" I said under my breath. I dont know why i even started singing. I get really shy to do that kinda thing. 

"That was quick." i said suprised at how long it took to get to the school.

"Yea it's only a few blocks away from your house." Harry said

I got out of the car with my bag and began following the boys. I don't know if it was me, but every single girl looked at Louis as he walked down the hall. I turned to Harry as if he could read my mind. He can.

"Don't worry it happens everyday." he said with a sigh.

"See you later Haz." Louis said and walked to his first class.

"Show me your sche-" Harry was stopped by a blonde guy with green eyes and and Irish accent.

"HARRY!" he said

"Hey Nialler. Oh Niall this is Ella. She's new here. Ella this is Niall"

"Hey." Niall and I said in unison.

The first bell rang and I would be late I tried to walk off, but Harry and Niall caught up and guided me into my first class, English. None of them were in the same class. I looked down until I found an empty seat not knowing who I sat next too.

"Hey Ella." I looked up knowing I heard a familiar voice. It was Louis.

"Oh, hi." I smiled.

He has the most beautiful eyes. Then the teacher walked in.

"I'm Mrs.Cardona and I'm your English teacher. Today class we have a new student. Ella Carter. Please stand up dear." I did what I was told and everyone was staring at me.

"Nice to meet you Ella."

"You too." I smiled I was always teacher's pet so I knew what to do.

"Anybody have questions for Ella?"

A boy raised his hand.


"Are you single?"

"Dylan!" yelled Mrs.Cardona.

I rolled my eyes and sat down. I could feel everybody staring at me as if they all had laser eyes and they wanted to burn a hole in me.

"Okay class, we are having a group project on the famous poet Shakespeare."

In my head I was jumping up and down. I loved William Shakespeare!

"You are going to pair up with the person next to you." I smiled because Louis was the only guy who I knew in this classroom.

"The project is that I will assign you one of Shakespeare's many plays and you'll have to do a report on it. Let's start with Ella. I walked up and she whispered the play in my ear

"Romeo and Juliet." I nodded and went back to Louis.

"We have Romeo and Juliet!" I squealed and he laughed.

"Okay, wanna meet after school?"

"Of course." Then the bell rang.

"I'll have Haz drop us off." I nodded and started to get to second period

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