Our Hearts Beat As One

How would you feel if you only had a set number of heart beats given to you in your life?
It's society in the year 6062 and the population is soaring out of control. Scientists decide that to overcome the growth every citizen should be designated with a set number of heartbeats. However, They never ever predicted the problems it would bring.


2. Pulse

"Does she have a pulse?" asked Doctor Charles. "I-I-I'm not sure sir I'm sorry I just came here to tell you that Doctor Matthew wants to see you in his office" claimed Tom. Tom was the head scientist, Matthew's, personal assistant. He was timid and treated like shit by the other scientists but really he was handsome and intelligent and had a lot of potential. "Ok, thanks." replied Doctor Charles bluntly. As he hurried out of the room Tom sighed and followed him. Once he got to the door he stopped in his tracks. He noticed the sickly metallic smell that engulfed the room. Scrunching up his nose and checking that Doctor Charles was long gone he turned around and went back into the room. 

The whole room was white and typically looked like an ordinary office, well apart from what lay on the desk. It stood out against the whiteness, the only colour in the room, bright red like a flower, beating like a speaker,a living heart. Tom gasped wondering how he hadn't noticed it before. It smelt yes, but Tom couldn't get over how beautiful it looked. Tom made his way, taking slow steps until he reached the desk. Reaching out a hand he fingered the stand that held the heart. Close up it was even more beautiful with its intertwining veins, it's redness, its tubes and texture. The way it pulsed every single second without fail, Tom couldn't help but place his hand over his own chest in awe, trying to find his own pulse within.

Meanwhile, Doctor Charles and Doctor Matthew discussed in Doctor Matthew's office. "Sir. You wanted to see me?" asked Doctor Charles politely. Doctor Matthew swivelled around on his desk chair to face Doctor Charles. "Yes. Please sit down." said Doctor Matthew, gesturing with his hand to a chair that sat in front of his desk. "Charles, we really appreciate your contribution to this project. Coming up with a humane way to control the ever-growing population has been tricky but we think that we have finally come up with a solution. Could you guess what it is?" smirked Doctor Matthew prompting him on, expecting it to be obvious. Doctor Charles actually wasn't that keen on Doctor Matthew as they both fought for the job of head scientist. He thought about smart mouthing him but decided that that wouldn't be a good idea. Also he was curious. A solution was finally on the horizon after all these years! "No sir." This widened Doctor Matthew's smile even more, this was the answer he wanted. " Well, my dearest Charles, we are going to control people's heartbeats."

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