Our Hearts Beat As One

How would you feel if you only had a set number of heart beats given to you in your life?
It's society in the year 6062 and the population is soaring out of control. Scientists decide that to overcome the growth every citizen should be designated with a set number of heartbeats. However, They never ever predicted the problems it would bring.


3. A new life

"Awww Annie she's beautiful!" Screeched, now an aunt, Rachel. Annie was one of those women that everybody wanted to be. She had curves, indulging hazelnut eyes with the same colour hair to match and a natural tan that most people would pay for. "Thank you so much! She took a right push to get out though!" joked Annie as she passed over her new- born to Rachel. Although she had no children of her own Rachel was obsessed with babies. It was obvious to anyone as you could see that she practically melted over the baby. 

"I'm gonna go fetch some blankets for Immy, enjoy!" smiled Annie as she admired her sister and daughter's instant connection. A few minutes passed before Annie came back into the living room. Something was up and she knew it straight away as the silence hit her like a wall. The TV, which wasn't on when she left was now on but muted and images she could not make any sense of flashed and flashed. Her instant thought was of the baby as she frantically looked around the room.

A shiver trembled up and down her body as she saw the scene in front of her. Her once lively and excited sister was sat upright  and still on the sofa, pale and rigid, her eyes fixed on the screen. Immy was no where to be found at first. Dread filled her stomach. Rachel, no longer attached to the baby, or life itself by the looks of it, did not move as Annie let out a deep breath of relief. Immy was lying down on her back on the floor infront of Rachel unharmed.

"Rachel, Rachel what's wrong? What has happened?" Annie was in a state of panic as she searched for any sign of life in Annie's face. For what felt forever Rachel said nothing. Annie turned away about to call for help when Rachel rose from the sofa. "We need to go to Doctor Charles and we need to go now." 

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