Having the weight of the world and the hope of a race on your shoulders is hard enough...
but knowing what you left behind is harder
and you're just a kid.
Be warned, this fanfiction contains spoilers for the game undertale.


2. promise

     I stared down at the dirt below my feet, the non existent wind rumpling the bottom of my sweater. I missed being able to feel the ground underneath me, and to taste things. I wanted moms pie, and I didn't even care weather it was butterscotch cinnamon or snail or whatever else she decided to make. I was finally ready to stop being so picky.

     But it was too late for that.

     I screamed out into the open cavern that had been the garden I once played in.

      "ITS NOT MY FAULT"     you know you're the one to blame

     ​"I DIDNT MEAN FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!"     you knew exactly how this would end 

     ​ "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!"  there's nothing to go back to

     " I JUST WANT YOU ALL BACK!"       none of them will ever forgive you

     "I... I just want a hug"

     My voice fell to barley a whisper as I collapsed in on myself. I bawled with my knees pulled to my chest, arms wrapped around me.    

      but nobody came

"I promise I will find a way to fix this" 

       but you've never been very good at promises     ​    






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