That Girl (16+)

" im not a fan but my BFF is and she would love a autograph for her birthday"
"Well if you go on a date with me ill make you a fan of the band, or just me��"
"Maybe we'll find out tonight"
Laylonie Was waiting forever just get a sighned CD for her best friend Jasmine but Laylonie HATES one direction but Niall Horan might change her mind about her opinion on the band!


1. Meeting the Band!

Everyone please welcome One Direction!!!



Jesus christ there just a band why is so many girls obsesed with them. Waiting two hours just to get a stupid sighned CD and now i have a headache!😒 Hi im laylonie im 18 years old i live with my best friend Jasmine aka the biggest directioner i know! Her birthday is coming up so i wanted to get her a sighned CD from her favorite band ever! I have waited in line for two hours and finally its almost my turn i cant wait to get the autograhp and go home!


Hearing all those screams make me relize what i have done to make it were i am. I step on stage looking at the amazing fans screaming, smiling, and some even crying in a good way just because of us. As liam was talking to everyone on the microphone i lookout into the crowd and see this one girl, not screaming crying or cheering just staring at us but this girl was absalutly breathtaking gorgeuse smile, beautiful big brown eyes, and pure olive skin the perfect specimin. Just as liam almost finished talking our eyes meet i didnt know what to do so as any other guy would do i gave a little smile and wink, and i swear i saw her blush!


Looking up at the band i realize that the blonde one is acually really cute, without relizing it im just staring at this guy and thats when our eyes meet. My brown eyes his beautiful green eyes, he gives me a little smile and a wink i couldny help but blush. Hey im a girl too!


Finally its my turn, as i go up to each boy i relize they all have this one thing that is so atractive, but when it was nialls turn thats when i knew something is gonna happend

"What your name beautiful?" He asked me while looking into my eyes with his cheeky little smile. "Laylonie but this is for my friend jasmine her birthday is coming up " i say while smiling and blushing alittle. "Well is this jasmine a fan of one direction?" "Yes" "and are you a fan of us?" "No" "well if you go on a date with me ill make sure that youll be a fan of the band or maybe just me;)"" We'll see tonight blondie" he gives me two CD's one for my friend and one for me with his number on it. I did say im not a fan but hey he's hot i cant just say no.

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