Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


18. Spencer's Dress

Spencer's P.O.V 

"Ok... Guess who's up next!" Aria pushed me and Hanna pulled me up.

"Why are you guy's doing this too me?" I shook my head "I haven't even chosen a dress." I thought I could make a quick escape.

"Oh it's ok, I already chose one for you Spence.. It's in the changing room!" She pushed me into the changing room and lent against the door so I couldn't get out. 

"I could sue your ass for abuse right now.." I pushed the door. 

"For now... But your going to love me once your in that dress. Now stop wasting your time pushing the door and get that dress on!" I stopped pushing the door "Thank god.. My arms were killing. Your really strong!" I heard Hanna whine from the door. 

"I am going to murder you for this!" I sighed and got into the dress that looked totally dorky and big on me. "I look like I'm about too get married!" 

"That means you look beautiful!" Hanna said. "Come on out please!" 

"Under one condition.. I don't have to wear this mask right now.." 


I walked out in this long white dress, with a small trail and lace. Everyone looked at me.. Well apart from.. Do you know what it doesn't matter..

Hanna's P.O.V 

Spencer looked incredible.. Everyone was speechless, She even made Toby look up from his book. He couldn't take his eyes off her. 

"Omg.. You look amazing... I'm speechless." Aria smiled and couldn't stop smiling.

"I bet you look magnificent.. " Jenna also couldn't stop smiling for some reason.

"You look just like a princess ..." Emily laughed... "Wow." 

"Can I take it off now...?" Spencer turned around and went headed back too the changing room.

"Only if you buy that god damn dress!" I snapped. "Sorry.. It's just you look amazing." I looked at Toby.. He was still looking at Spencer. 

"I have an idea! We should so post a picture of Spencer in that dress on Facebook...!" Emily said pulling out her phone. 

"Woah woah woah.. No!" Spencer said snatching Emily's phone. "Emily who are you going with too homecoming anyway, You haven't told us.." 

"Duh she's going with Ben.. Her boyfriend." Aria said.

"No.. That bastard!" Spencer stared "No ..." Emily ended

"Omg... Is Ben the reason you got them bruises." I held Emily's hand... Emily looked down.

"We will destroy him.." Aria said angrily.

"No it's ok.. Spencer gave him what he deserved when she bust both his kneecaps with a hockey stick." 

"What a disgusting male specimen.." Jenna said. 

"So who are you going with Emily?" Spencer asked one more time.   

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