Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


21. Mirrors And Doors

Aria's P.O.V

"Ok what is Jenna's obsession with Noel about? Also why did she highlight me been in Mr Fitz's class? Does she somehow know something?" I paced up and down.


"Maybe Jenna and Toby are working together? Maybe Toby is Jenna's eyes." Hanna was also pacing.


"Duh! Toby is Jenna's personal guide dog, She has too use someones eyes." Spencer said pouring coffee.


"Ok I swear we have had so much coffee today." Emily said sat at the table, head in her hands.


"Are you really complaining about coffee? We are in desperate measure for coffee right now!" Hanna snapped at Emily."I'm sorry Em, But why would Toby be A?" 


"Too get revenge! We turned his step sister blind and Ali forced him too take the blame. He's been arrested twice! It's perfectly normal too seek revenge." Spencer said handing out the coffee to each of us.


"Guys, I don't think Toby is A! I don't think Toby killed Ali either." Emily said sitting up.


"Ok, What happened to the Emily who was angry they let Toby out on bail?" I stopped pacing and sat down beside her.


"There's something too innocent about him." She replied


"Because murder is totally innocent." Hanna exclaimed sitting next too me, Spencer soon joined us.


"Whatever Hanna, How about we confront him?" Emily suggested


"Oh yeah because that's smart tell a murderer we know his dirty little secret. If he's murdered once he will do it again and again until he feels he's done enough damage!" I snapped.


"I think he feels he's done enough damage. He can't even walk the streets without getting abuse shouted at him! What make's you think he will want too go through all that again?" Emily snapped back.


"Ok this is less of a debate and more of a fallout, We should relax a little bit."  Hanna said.


"Your right, I think we are all a little paranoid." Emily calmed down and put her head back into her hands


"What do you have to say about this Spencer?" I asked


"I really don't know... But A could be under any mask at the Masquerade Ball.. A could even be watching us right now!" Spencer comment made me shiver. A could be watching us! 


"Let's all just go too my room and settle down!" Spencer lead us up too her room and laid out sheets, pillows and covers for us too sleep on. Hanna and me were helping her whilst Emily just stared at something.


"guys..." She whispered 


"What?" Hanna said. Emily pointed at Spencer mirror that was covered in writing. The writing was in lipstick.


It's not going too be that easy too find me bitches, I'm everywhere at once. - A 


"Ok now I feel safer downstairs." I grabbed Emily's hand and pulled her away from the mirror. "We'll all go back downstairs."


We all followed Spencer back down the stairs. 


"A was in my freaking house! How the hell? We have been in here all the time!" Spencer gasped


"Maybe they got in before we did. Did you leave anything unlocked?" I asked


"No, I lock everything! We need too go clean the mirror will you guys help?" We all nodded.


"It doesn't take all four too clean a mirror I'll wait down here." Hanna smiled.


"Ok stay down here all by yourself... Lock the door." Spencer teased


"You wipe, I'll spray!" Hanna quickly changed her minds and followed us half way upstairs until.


Her phone went off.


"You never know what goes on behind closed doors - A" Hanna read out the message "Hang on there's an attachment." She clicked it, it was a video of us. We were reading the mirror message.


"Wait a second Spencer, Hasn't that been filmed from your wardrobe..." Emily took my phone and showed Spencer.


"Omg.." She nodded and ran too her bedroom 


"Spencer becareful!" I shouted. We ran after her. She had already opened the wardrobe and shook her head. She looked on the floor and picked something up, It was lipstick. The same lipstick as the writing on the mirror. 








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