Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


8. In The Dirt

Spencer's P.O.V

I guess we asked for closure... and that's what we received...

Alison's body was found a couple of hours after the A text, Her body was found in her old house. Maya the new house resident called 911 when she was doing some house repairs that required a digger, She told Emily as the digger removed dirt from the ground a hand was spotted the digger came to a dead stop and they used spades to uncover the rest of her pale motionless body. She was wearing the same frilly yellow top the day she went missing and had blonde curly hair, Emily had to identify the body. She's with her therapist for the rest of this week, She says she feels relieved she now finally has closure and an ending... Her funeral is in a couple of days... Homecoming is pretty close too it's in a week. I'm still dateless me and Aria are probably going together, She obviously cant go with Ezra... Oops sorry I meant Mr Fitz, Their lock of eyes showed a lot they should be careful, I'm the dumbest person in the class and I figured that out, but maybe I just have the eye of romance. I really cant blame Aria, Mr Fitz is a young attractive male, who's a romantic of course... All I can picture now is Mr Fitzs writing secret love poems too Aria and slipping them into her english book been a secret romance. Kinda of like Gnomeo and Juliet, You know the story with the little gnomes sneaking around too see each other, She's a red, He's a blue! What a classic... If only that was a human love story... anyway I should probably go shopping, I need to wear a black dress for the funeral apparently it's rude to go in jeans, The thought of me wearing a dress makes me want to puke... I get my purse and head out too my car where the same group of boys that were with Mona were skipping around my drive in the circle chanting, "DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!" When they saw me they picked up their foolish blonde wigs and ran down the street as fast as they could.. If only I could run! I jumped into my car, I was pretty emotional about that, I got tears in my eyes. 

1 Hour Later

I finally found a dress too wear, It's the best I could find! 



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