Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


24. How Could You?

Spencer's P.O.V


I walked down my path and pulled the door it was locked. I knocked on my door and nobody answered. 


"Mom?" I shout. Suddenly a face appeared at the window, It scared me at first but I realized it was Melissa. She came and unlocked the door.


"Hey, Why'd you lock the door?" I asked, throwing my bag on the table next too the door.


"Well we ran out of milk in the barn so I came over here too borrow some of your's and Toby was walking too the door and I totally freaked out at the sight of him... Anyway he left this on the door step." She handed me my French book.


"Thanks, How's Wren"? I said throwing the book on my bag.


"Acting really strange actually.. Have you noticed anything about him?"


"I haven't seen him in a while so I cant say." 


"Ok well I better get back too the barn." She smiled and took the milk from the fridge. Once she had left I picked up my French book and bag and walked up too my bedroom. I better get studying I don't want too be banished too my bedroom for eternity. I flopped down on my bed it's been a hard day, I got my notebook and pencil from my bag and laid everything out of my bed.

I grabbed my book and opened it,  I noticed things had been highlighted and circled, I continued flipping through pages, more things had been highlighted and circled. When I got too the end of it I realized a page had been torn out and blue tacked too the back, I pulled it off and turned it over too see a phone number on it. Toby's?

I pulled my phone from my pocket and put in the number.


"Hello?" I heard Toby's voice.


"Hi..." I laughed because I smiled so much and I didn't know why...


"Why are you laughing?" He started laughing


"I don't really know.. Just laughing. Umm thank's for the French book and all the highlighted stuff and circled stuff and the rest of the stuff.." I didn't really know what too say. It was really awkward and I don't know why.


"So,  How come I beat you home..?" 


"Oh.. I was walking.."


"In the rain?"


"I like walking in the rain..." 


"Okay.. I know your lying .." 


"Okay.. I was with Maya.. I was helping her pick out a dress for homecoming." 


"Maya's still going too homecoming?" 


"Yeah, With Emily why?" 


"Emily said yesterday at the Apple Rose Grille that she would go with me."


"Oh. Anyway do you know if Jenna is interested in buying another dress?" 


"I don't know why?" 


"Just need to get rid of my homecoming dress.. because I'm not going anymore."




"I know I was just thinking about it and it's not my thing."


"Hey! It's not mine either I don't think I'll be that welcome there! I need you there as my body guard!"  I laughed, He really needs to get a body guard or something though.


"Maybe I'll go then.." 


"I'll even save you a dance.."  I started laughing at him again and I don't know why It's how I deal with situations I don't know how too react too.


"Ok then.. I'll think about it. Anyway  I better go have too revise... See you at homecoming?"


"See you at homecoming" 

I ended the call and bit my lip I was confused about the whole Emily situation... 

How could she do this too Toby...










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