Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


29. Homecoming (P3)

Spencer's P.O.V


"So I guess the whole mask thing didn't work..." I laughed.


"No the mask is good, You have a very distinctive voice." He said smiling, I stood up from my seat and put my third drink on the bar. 


"Wren we were kinda in the middle of a conversation..." Emily said.


"That conversation was over Emily." I flashed a fake smile. 


"Fine whatever but you should know by the time you leave tonight, your date.. will be behind bars!" She returned the fake smile and barged passed me too Aria. 


"What's her deal?" Wren put his hands in his pocket.


"Drunk. She seems too think Toby Cavanaugh's going too kill her." I started too laugh, but Wren didn't.


"I think your the drunk one here Spencer, I mean can you blame her he's a cold blooded killer..."


"Wren... I didn't think you were quick too judge, What are you doing here anyway?" I suddenly felt tipsy, The beer had reached by head quicker then I thought.


"They asked for volunteers too help with the stalls, I wasn't sure at first but then I thought you would be here so... I took the opportunity." I smiled


"Well here I am." I stumbled a bit but I was caught by two muscular arms, I looked up too see Toby. "Hey, where have you been? You were ages..." I stuck out my bottom lip. "What happened too your face?" I put my hand on his cheek too inspect the damage. 


"It's nothing." He said, removing my hand from his face. "Do you think we can go?" 


"Sure!" I said "Are you ok?" 


"Lets just leave.." He folded his hand into mine and dragged me out. I caught up with his pace and we made it too the door before been blocked off by a line of boys looking for trouble.


"Murderer!" One of them spat at him. I stood in front of him.


"Isn't that getting a little old. Aren't you bored of dragging someone down too make yourself feel better but just a reminder when you make someone else feel ugly... you just make yourself more ugly as well.." I held Toby's hand tighter and pushed the asshole away from the door strutting out. 


"So your leaving with him! You don't want too end up like Alison, wow if she was alive she would be disappointed in you, but she's dead. He killed her!" He shouted after us. I looked back letting go of Toby's hand, The beer made me more angry then usual, I walked back too him and WACK! The alliance of my fist too his face. 










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