Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields are all 17 year's old and attend Rosewood High. After a year passes of their best friend Alison Dilaurentis' disappearance they have too deal with friendship, relationship and their very own stalker, A? But who is A? Nobody knows...


28. Homecoming (P2)

Emily's P.O.V


After sharply digging my heel deeply into Spencer's left ankle, I turn too see Toby face red and eyes glaring. 

"Is everything ok?" I say smiling my sweetest smile.


"I need too talk too you somewhere... private."  He huffed, taking my wrist and pulling me towards the doors too exit the dance.


"Ok Toby... Where are we going." My heart starting beating faster at the thought of Toby taking me somewhere private, away from the crowds... He was already dog tagged. They had just made an acceptation for him too come too homecoming. "Your scaring me!" 


"The only reason I came too this dance was too actually hang out with the people I care about... But knowing that you don't respect each other... It kills me, Hasn't Spencer got enough on her plate for you too be slagging her off about relationships." He snapped grabbing me into my Chemistry room and shutting the door behind me.


"I have no idea what your talking about.. Now lets just go back downstairs with everyone and have a good time.." I started too sweat.


"... Your scared of me?" He said softly. I gulped.  "You are aren't you..." He bit his bottem lip. He started walking slowly towards. 


"Stay there!" I shouted "Just stay put!" I put my hands forward too defend myself, He didn't stay still he took another step.... and another! Then BAM!


I pushed him hard making him fall into a desk, He stood back up with a cut lip and bruised cheek. 


"Emily?" He whimpered crying. 


"Murderer!" I shouted running out the door... Screaming and shouting. I heard loud footsteps running after me I didn't dare too look back because I knew who it was by his distinctive voice.  I was soon back in the dance making my way through the crowd back too the bar.. Maya was gone but Spencer still sat there.

 "Spencer... Spencer... Toby.. He's trying too kill me!" I cry pulling her up from her seat.


"Emily... No he's not your paranoid. Just sit down... Have a drink!" She sat back down and pulled my onto the bar stool next too her.


"No for once listen too me! I'm fed up of following Spencer Hastings orders!" 


"Woah Lady's calm it down." Mr Fitz lent over the bar.


"Spencer?" A quiet soft voice came from behind... We turn too see Wren. 


"Hey Wren.." 



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